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 Ziggy’s Friends Rescue is a small, non-profit dog rescue who is desperately in need of loving foster homes for their dogs until they are adopted.  Ziggy’s Friends is also in need of volunteers who can come to the boarding facility to simply walk the dogs and give them time outside of their kennel runs.

For foster homes, we will provide a crate for our dogs, dog food and cover any medical care they require. If needed, we also will allow our foster homes to work with one of our experienced dog trainers to help you socialize and train your new foster dog.

What exactly does fostering mean? Fostering a dog means you will provide a temporary indoor home for one of our rescue dogs.  You will provide them with love, exercise, and basic training until they are adopted. The length a dog will be in your home can vary.  Some dogs get placed right away and others may be in foster care for several months until the right home is found for them.

Dog walkers are welcome daily at Paws Inn the Woods during the hours of 9AM-noon or 5PM-7:30PM. Providing exercise and socialization helps out tremendously with our rescue dogs.  

If interested in volunteering or fostering please email us at staff@pawsinnthewoods.com!

Adopting A Friend

Thank you for choosing adoption, when you adopt a dog, you are saving a life! Please do not impulse buy, adopting a pet is a lifetime commitment. All adopters must fill out and complete our adoption application. Please email us at staff@pawsinnthewoods.com.

Who We Are

Ziggy's Friends is a locally owned and operated Animal Rescue in Grafton, Ohio. We have an extended “family” of animal friends who donate time, money and network available rescues.  It is a wonderful network that continues to grow each month. 


Although we were rescuing pets since 2005, we did not become an official 501(c)3 Non Profit until January 2010! We have rescued and placed over 250 pets in those 5 years. 


It all started with Ray (Ziggy) and Carol Zicarelli who spent many years of their life together helping those that could not help themselves. They donated time and money to many local animal rescue agencies. A few years ago, Ray joined many of his four legged friends, crossing over Rainbow Bridge. Carol continues in their lifetime passion of contributing to the quality of animals in need.


Ziggy’s Friends is also in loving memory of Bruce Arnesen, owner and operator of Paws Inn the Woods Boarding Kennel. The animal world lost one of its best friends Oct 13th 2011. He designed every square inch of the kennel and wanted nothing more than to retire and focus his time and attention on the kennel and working with the rescues, to see their success stories. Bruce put in countless hours, after working a full day, training the rescue dogs. He would take them to their forever homes and introduce them to their new surroundings, he would drop everything if someone needed help with one of our dogs, he would make numerous vet visits, he went above and beyond for our rescue dogs. Bruce was the heart and soul of the kennel and he will be greatly missed by everyone, including our furry friends. 


We invest anything a new rescue needs to be deemed “adoptable”.  We make sure they are completely neutered/spayed, up to date on vaccinations and we even provide basic training if needed. We heal them physically, mentally and spiritually, making them a well balanced member of their new family. 


We closely check vet references and home environments before placing a pet.

We work closely with a dog behaviorist to assure the right pet is placed in the right family willing to make a lifetime commitment to their new companion.  We work with adoptive families to make sure everything works out for the pet’s best interest.


Your donations go directly to the animal. We do not use it for any salaries. We foster them until the right family comes along. We guarantee a perfect “fit” or the pet comes back to us. We make a lifetime commitment to any rescue that makes it into Ziggy’s Friends.


Please make a donation today to help us continue our efforts. There are so many helpless, hopeless pets out there that need us!

Come Visit Us

We are located in Grafton, Ohio. We are open 7 days a week and visits are by appointment only. Please email staff@pawsinnthewoods.com to meet one of our rescues!

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