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No Time to Volunteer? No Problem!

You can make more Happy Tails happen, even if you can’t volunteer. Donations from generous pet parents like you help support the important, life-saving work of shelters and rescue groups. You can donate many things to an adoption organization besides your time, such as money, supplies or even publicity. Here are a few ways you can help make a difference for adoptable pets.

Wish Lists

Helping pets can be as easy as writing a check. But, while money is always appreciated, adoption organizations have long lists of supplies they need to stay in operation. Call and ask what they need. Most shelters and rescue groups even have wish lists posted on their websites. These often include food, bowls, grooming tools, collars and leashes, toys, treats, blankets, cleaning supplies, trash bags and more. Short on cash? Ask if you can donate your pet’s gently used items.

Wedding Gifts

Planning a wedding? Consider sharing the love with adoptable pets. Instead of a traditional party favor, consider gifting your guests a donation in their honor. Or forgo the china set for the sake of adoptable pets. Give your guests the option to donate to a shelter or rescue group rather than buying you a customary wedding gift.

Fundraising Events

Most adoption organizations hold fundraising events throughout the year, like galas or trivia nights. Simply attending these events is a win-win for you and the pets. You enjoy a fun evening with friends and fellow pet enthusiasts, and the adoptable pets benefit from the money raised.

Working Your Work

Does your boss have a heart for pets, too? Talk to him or her about how you can raise money for homeless pets at work. One idea is a “dress down for adoptable pets” day. For a donation, employees can wear casual clothes to work one day. Are you a business owner? Perhaps you could hold a promotion and donate a portion of the proceeds to a shelter or rescue group. Think about any potential business connections you may have. You may be able to donate advertising space or contribute to a fundraising event.

The Petfinder Foundation

Not sure where to donate? Consider the Petfinder Foundation, which gives grants to the 13,000+ shelters and rescue groups that post their adoptable pets on Donations to the Petfinder Foundation go directly to programs that help homeless pets find forever homes. You can donate online, or find out how else you can give. You can even raise money for the Petfinder Foundation in other ways, such as taking free online surveys or shopping on Amazon. Learn more easy ways to help adoptable pets.

On behalf of all homeless pets, thank you for your generosity and support!

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