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Feral Cats

In the animal rescue world, “community cats” refers to any cat you see outdoors that does not have an indoor home. These cats typically fall into two primary categories: Those that could be considered “feral”, meaning they were born outdoors and that’s the only life they know. Therefore, they lack socialization and don’t always trust humans. Those that were previously …

Trap-neuter-return (TNR) is a great way to help reduce the size of feral cat colonies. Find out what TNR is and how to get involved.

Even though feral cats are at home outside, they can always use some extra help in cold or severe weather. Find out what you can do to help them stay safe, warm and healthy during the winter months.

If you leave water out for your neighborhood cats, take a look at these tips for preventing freezing water in the cold months.

Abandoned, stray kittens have an unlikely chance of surviving long on their own. If you find stray kittens, check out these tips to help them stay safe and find a new home.

Feral cats have different needs than the cuddly cats and kittens hoping to find homes here on Petfinder.

Many people come into contact with stray and feral cats in their everyday lives. Find out how to care for litters of stray and feral kittens here.

If you have feral cats that you care for, check out this how-to for building a feral cat shelter.

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