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Everything you need to help your
new pet adoption last a lifetime.

Tackling Pet Problems

We asked adoption groups why pets are surrendered to them. The results:

Dogs and Cats relinquishment survey

*Source: Petfinder FurKeeps Member Survey 2009

Having Trouble? Here’s Help

  1. Moving
    Check out our tips for finding pet-friendly housing before you look for a new home. Once you find a place, check out these tips for moving with pets.
  2. Pet Behavioral Issues
    Here’s help with some of the most common problems. For more, check out our Dog Training Articles and Cat Training Articles and other helpful pet training resources.


  3. Cost
    The costs of owning a pet can vary. Before you adopt, check out our charts, Estimated Annual Dog Care Costs and Estimated Annual Cat Care Costs. If you’ve already adopted, we’ve got tips for pet parents on a budget and where you can find low-cost spay/neuter programs.
  4. Pet Health
    Pet insurance can prepare you for unexpected pet-health problems. Our partner, PetFirst, offers coverage for the life of your pet with its Lifetime Accident & Illness Plans. Also, visit our Pet Health section for tips on keeping your pet healthy and information about:

  5. Pet Aggression
    Understanding the different types of aggression and their causes can be the first step to solving the problem.

Petfinder’s FurKeeps Services

Chip FurKeeps

Is Your Microchipped Pet Protected?


You may know that your pet is microchipped … but not much more. If your pet gets lost (as one in three pets will), it’s critical that your contact information associated with the microchip be up-to-date.

To give your pet the best chance of being returned to you, Petfinder recommends you register your pet’s microchip in the HomeAgain Pet Recovery Database.

For just $17.99, your pet will have lifetime microchip registration and a one-year HomeAgain membership with these benefits:

  • A permanent listing with FREE, unlimited updates for the rest of your pet’s life, even if you never renew your enrollment!
  • Free, unlimited access to the ASPCA’s emergency medical hotline — which would otherwise cost $65 a call!
  • A nationwide network of more than 600,000 people on the lookout for lost pets. As soon as you report your pet missing, HomeAgain will instantly send lost pet alert e-mails and faxes to area animal shelters, vet clinics and volunteer PetRescuers.
  • HomeAgain’s trained lost-pet specialists available 24/7 to help you until your pet is recovered.
  • Up to $500 in travel assistance if your pet is found far from home.

Learn more about the benefits of HomeAgain membership.

Learn more about HomeAgain.

Learn more about how microchipping works.

Register your chip with HomeAgain now.

Insure FurKeeps

Do You Need Pet Insurance?

Pet Insurance

When your pet is sick or injured, make your first priority getting them the treatment they need. Pet insurance from PetFirst reimburses vet bills, so you can make your pet’s healthcare decisions with your heart, not your wallet.

PetFirst’s Lifetime Accident & Illness plans cover your pet for life, including coverage for breed-specific, hereditary and chronic conditions. Petfinder has partnered with PetFirst to offer a $9.95 discount on your first month of pet insurance. Click here to see how PetFirst makes it easy to protect your pet.

Learn more about pet insurance:

Train FurKeeps


Petfinder partner ThunderShirt offers a proven solution for many types of anxiety, including noise, crate, travel, stranger and separation anxieties. Over 85% of ThunderShirt users report significant improvement in anxiety symptoms. Click here to learn more and purchase.

You can also purchase discounted ThunderShirts for your favorite adoption group.  Help support your favorite shelter or rescue and click the banner below.


For more help with cat and dog behavior problems, check out our Dog Training Articles and Cat Training Articles.