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Sample Pet Rider

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Sample Pet Rider


This pet rider to the lease between_________________________(tenant) and

________________________(management) is made part of the lease enter into

between the parties on_______________________.

1. Both parties have read and signed the pet policy in effect for the complex which is attached

2. The tenant shall keep the following pet (s) in a responsible manner and provide proper care for them.

Type of Pet
(Types & Dates)
Other (list)
Size in Gallons. May not exceed 20 gallons.

3. The tenant shall be liable for any damage or injury caused by his/her pet (s). If the tenant’s security deposit does not cover the damages, management and the tenant will agree on a payment plan to pay for the damage as well as replace the security deposit.

4. Resident shall show proof of spaying or neutering, licensing and inoculations if such procedures are required for the animal (s)

5. Resident shall provide the following information (to be updated annually):

Pet Caretaker


Address ______________________________________


Telephone _____________________________________


Name _______________________________________

Address _____________________________________


Telephone ____________________________________

If the tenant is unable to provide the name of a pet caretaker, he/she has made the following arrangement for care of the pet (s).




6. Tenant shall keep the pet (s) in a manner that is in keeping with the cleanliness standards of the complex. Tenant shall clean up after a dog and properly dispose of cat box filler and litter from birds and rodents.

7. Tenants shall not leave the pet (s) unattended outside his/her apartment.

8. Management shall inform the tenant of any written and signed complaint received concerning tenant’s pet (s). No credence shall be given by management to verbal or unsigned complaints. Management shall also inform the tenant in writing of any violations of this pet rider or the pet policy which management observes the tenant or his/her pet (s) committing. If a Pet Committee exists, it may be actively involved in attempting to resolve any problems that arise concerning pets.

9. Management and the tenant shall confer informally concerning any written and signed complaints received by management. If the complaints are not resolved informally and if there have been three serious violations of the pet rider or pet policy which have not been resolved within the previous twelve months, management may inform the tenants that procedures will be initiated within 10 days to have the pet removed, terminate the pet owner’s tenancy or both. Any unresoled complaints may be the subject of a grievance by the tenant under the established grievance procedure.

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