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Why Dogs Do Funny Things?

Ever wonder why your dog barks at nothing or runs an imaginary race? We think we might know.


Biscuit just passed her first birthday, and not long thereafter, we celebrated the anniversary of the day she joined our family. What a year it has been! While I was prepared for the housetraining, chewed up toys and shoes, and those sleepless early nights, there were quite a few things that I didn’t expect from our puppy. I wouldn’t change a second of it – though I might like an explanation!


White and tan dog doing a funny thing.

Bark at nothing

It’s true. My dog barks at nothing. There’s no one walking by, no flies buzzing about, no food or water missing from her bowl, and no need to go out to use the bathroom. Sometimes, I swear she stares into thin air and barks at something. In the movies she’s barking at a ghost or one of my kids’ imaginary friends. In real life I suspect that she’s just barking to bark. At dust particles.


Running an imaginary race

We’ve gotten the kids to bed, our work is finished and the dishes are done, and my husband and I are finally ready to sit down and relax. It’s about that time that Biscuit decides to start running around the entire first floor of our house. She isn’t chasing the cats. She’s not seeking the perfect spot to go to the bathroom. She’s just running. She’s running so fast that she is slipping and sliding across the floor. She’s going and going and going. What’s the reasoning behind it? Typically she does this on nights that we haven’t gone for a long walk or she hasn’t burned off quite enough energy. It serves its purpose, and it’s funny to watch, too!


Eating diapers

What’s one of the funniest habits that Biscuit has? She eats dirty diapers! This habit can make her very sick and it should never be encouraged, and always be prevented. She steers clear of poop in the yard or when we’re out for a walk, but leave her alone with a diaper and she’s in heaven! What attracts my pup to the smell? In our case, Biscuit only engages in the behavior when left alone in the house, with a diaper within reach. We suspect that it’s out of boredom. There’s no easy fix, so we’ve had to resort to an outside trash can for those dirty diapers.


The Army Crawl

Military-style obstacle courses usually necessitate at least one appearance of the Army crawl, where individuals get down on their stomachs and use their elbows to crawl towards their destination. It looks a little awkward when you’re watching your dog do it across the living room floor, though. Biscuit rubs her belly across the floor from one side of the room to the otherâ¦but why? Why not? She loves getting that belly scratched, and when we can’t do it, she’s figured out a way to get it done. That’s one smart puppy!



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