Dog Training

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    Dog Training


    By Eric Gillaspy CPDT-KA   I love to teach dogs tricks. It’s fun, no pressure, and it can really improve confidence in the owner and the dog. Teaching a trick follows the same formula that you will follow to teach your dog any new behavior. One of my very favorite …

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    Dog Training

    Pawsitively, Come Here

    By Eric Gillaspy   The words or cue that you use to tell your dog to get to you as quickly as possible should be the favorite words your dog ever hears. Rewarding your pup with yummy treats and lots of praise is the best way to make sure their …

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    Dog Training

    To Treat or Not To Treat

    Eric Gillaspy CPDT-KA   To treat or not to treat, that is a question that I get asked very frequently by my clients.  How often should I give her a treat?  When should I give her a treat?  What should I use for treat rewards?  Isn’t using food to train …

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    Dog Training

    How to Train a Problem Barker

    Drew Webster- CPDT-KA   Nuisance barking can be a big problem for owners.  No one wants to be the neighbor with the crazy barking dog. If you want to improve your dog’s behavior you first have to understand it. Dogs have different barks for different behaviors. Dogs will bark to …

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    Dog Training

    “Why Train?”

    Eric Gillaspy, CPDT-KA   Sometimes we humans get stuck in ruts and do things over and over, and forgetting the reason why we are doing those things. I think training our dogs can be one of those situations.  Training your dog has many benefits, which would take a long time …