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Staph Infections and Other Skin Problems in Dogs

Your vet will check your dog for other skin problems that can cause similar symptoms, such as demodicosis (commonly known as red mange, a skin disease caused by the mites Demodix canus), pemphigus foliaceus (an autoimmune skin condition) and dermatophytosis (also known as ringworm, a fungal infection).

Staph Infections and Other Skin Problems in Dogs


You should also be aware of the different kinds of Staphyloccocus bacteria. S. intermedius is a common cause of staph infection in dogs and does not pose a danger to healthy people, but another form of the bacterium, S. aureus, can cause infection in humans.

Curing your dog’s staph infection is only the first battle. The real war is treating the underlying problem that has made the dog susceptible to the infection. Your dog might have an immune deficiency that is making him susceptible to staph infections. If this is the case, your vet may encourage immunostimulant therapy.


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