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Constipation in Dogs: Signs

Jennifer Sellers

You’re taking your dog for a walk, and he assumes a familiar pose. Only this time he seems to be taking longer than usual — even straining. If he behaves this way for two or more consecutive bowel movements, it’s fairly certain he has constipation.

Constipation in Dogs: Signs


While not the most serious of ailments, this digestive irregularity can be uncomfortable, and it can possibly indicate that he’s suffering from something more critical.

Signs Your Dog May Be Constipated

In addition to straining and taking longer to defecate, other indicators of constipation in your dog can include:

  • Going two days or longer without a bowel movement
  • Crying out or showing signs of discomfort during elimination
  • Stools that are hard and dry
  • Lack of appetite
  • Sporadic vomiting
  • Passing mucus or abbreviated liquid stool after straining
  • Lack of energy

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