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How to Create A Disaster Preparedness Plan

By being prepared with a well-thought-out disaster plan for different types of disasters, you can potentially save your pet’s life in case of emergency.

How to Create A Disaster Preparedness Plan


Some general tips for planning:

  • Make sure your pet wears at least two forms of current identification. You may want to consider a microchip implant, combined with tags on a collar. Also, keep the information current if you have registered with any lost and found databases.
  • Be sure to place permanent, waterproof “Pets Inside” stickers on your front and back doors or windows to alert emergency workers that pets are in your home. If possible, list the number and types of animals in your household. Should you be unable to go home to retrieve your pets during a disaster, this sticker could help rescue workers find your pets in your house.
  • Find a veterinarian in your area
  • Start a buddy system with a neighbor. Ask him or her to check on your pet during a disaster if you are not home. Agree to do the same for him or her. Exchange information on veterinarians.
  • Check to make sure your pet’s vaccinations are up to date. Keep an extra copy of your pet’s health information in your pet disaster/emergency kit.
  • Assemble a Disaster Kit. Download our Disaster Preparedness Kit checklist today.

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