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Flea Facts That’ll Make You Itch

The following article is courtesy of our partner, Banfield Pet Hospital. Used with permission.

Now that spring is here, your pets are probably itching to go outside. The problem is, they may also be itching when they come back in. If you and your pet want to enjoy an itch-free summer, see your veterinarian and get your pet on a flea prevention program today!

Flea Facts That'll Make You Itch


  • Fleas can live in your home, in your carpeting or in your lawn — for several months without food — just waiting to jump onto their next victim.
  • Fleas can jump three feet high.
  • One female flea can lay as many as 10,000 eggs.
  • Fleas not only cause discomfort by biting, but they can transmit disease like tapeworm and one bite can cause severe allergic problems.
  • The largest recorded flea measured 12mm in length — almost 1/2-inch! Think how much blood that one sucked!
  • Fleas consume 15 times their weight in blood each day. That is like a 140-pound woman eating 8,400 burgers in one day!
  • Fleas are the number one cause of allergies in cats and dogs.

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