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Wyatt Great Pyrenees Kiowa, OK

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  • White / Cream


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Other dogs, cats.
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Meet Wyatt

Wyatt's Story
-Written by Wyatt, a 2-year-old, 88lb male Great Pyrenees.


I absolutely adore people. I will lay my big ole head in your lap when I want attention. Other times, I will sneak up on you while you are at the table and will squeeze my head between your body and arm for lovings. I am such a lover boy. On the couch, I will stretch out next to you and lay my head on your lap. I will follow you all around the house. I will roll over on my back for belly rubs and am always so incredibly thankful for lovings. I don't mind sharing though. There was a time I had no love in my life, and I try to make sure that no one ever feels that way. I am good about sharing attention with other dogs, and will even share toys or a bed with them. I am a really generous and sweet boy, and I just want everyone around me to feel loved and appreciated.

My past is not something I like talking about but since I will soon be joining your family, I think it is only fair that I share my past.
For as long as I can remember, I have been on my own. I spent my days roaming the countryside. I was looking for a place to belong but I could never find it. Some people were nice and would throw me scraps but then they would want me to leave. Others would actually shoot at me or chase me off their properties. Others simply ignored me. I was just another stray dog in the big whoop, right? The worst part about being on my own wasn't that I was often starving. It wasn't that I sometimes couldn't find clean water sources. It wasn't that I my coat was in shambles. It wasn't that I was basically a walking skeleton. It was the fact that I was always on the outside looking in. All I have ever wanted was to feel loved and as I belonged. So, when I saw other dogs that had made me feel even lonelier. I wasn't upset with them or anything, I was happy that they had found their place. But it definitely made me envious. I did not understand why no one wanted me. I did not understand why people kept chasing me off. I did not understand why I was always starving. I did not understand why I was always alone. I wanted a family so bad, and yet I never found them.

I spent my nights trying to make myself small. Sleeping on the hard ground is definitely not something that I enjoyed. And even worse I had to stay quiet because there were coyotes running around and I didn't want to make my presence known. Along with that, I was always painful in my hind end but I never knew. Being emaciated probably didn't help that, but it did make walking around much harder. I had to fight through the pain though and keep going. I didn't want to wither away to nothing...even though some days it still felt like that was what was happening. I still kept looking though. There had to be more out there for....there just had to be.

One day, things finally changed for me but it was not in the way I expected. I ended up getting picked up and at first, I was so excited. Finally, there was someone who cared about me. Finally, someone was going to help me. Instead, I ended up in the shelter. I guess you can say that I should be grateful. At least now I was out of the heat. At least no I was being fed and watered. I didn't want that. I had wanted a family. I had wanted a home. Now instead of roaming around looking for a family, I was stuck in a kennel watching people pass me by. And they did. I was skin and bones, stood awkwardly, had lost a lot of my fur, and I just didn't look like much. I served my stray hold uneventfully. I could have told them that I had no one coming for me. I hadn't had a family in a very long time. As the days went by, the shelter staff were getting antsy. The shelter was overflowing and I was one of the dogs who had little interest and some medical issues going on. Soon my name ended up on the urgent list and I could not do anything about it. After all I had been through, how is it possible that it led to me losing my life anyways? Just in a different way than would have eventually happened had I not been picked up? That was just so unfair...and I had no say.

The shelter wanted me to have a say though. They wanted me to get my second chance, and they tried hard to find a rescue to take me. When this rescue saw me, they knew they had to help. It wasn't long after that someone came for me at the shelter. At first, I was nervous. I had no idea what was going to happen, but once we walked out of that shelter I was so excited. I gave kisses and even wagged my tail. Something was changing for me...I felt it...and I was ready for it! After my freedom ride, I ended up at the vet where I got the full workup.

My ordeal was not over yet. It was obvious that I had some issues going on with my hip and would sometimes walk funny. As it turns out, BOTH my hips are shot. They actually look so bad that the vet has no idea how I am even walking around. I guess the answer to that is that I had to. I had no choice in the matter. I had to keep going because there was no other alternative for me. But let's come back to that part and focus on some happier things for now.

I told you at the very beginning of my story that I am a lover...and I meant it. I greeted the other dogs and people in my foster home with nothing but love. I was so excited to finally be part of a family. Right away I started following my foster family around. It wasn't long after that I started playing with the other dogs and running around. I have discovered what toys are and absolutely love them! I like sharing them with the other dogs..I always think the more the merrier when it comes to playtime! I love going outside and will run and play with the best of them. Despite, my hips being so bad I never let that slow me down. Even though I was skin and bones, I jumped right into everything my foster family had to offer and never looked back!

I love meeting new people and am excited to say hello when my foster family has visitors over. I have pretty good manners and am not really a jumper. You already know that I do great with other dogs and love them. I am also being fostered around cats and do well with them. I am not currently being fostered around any kids, but given my loving personality, I believe that I would do just fine with them.

I have only been to the vet as far as public places go. However, I did really well there and was friendly to everyone I met...animal and person alike. My leash manners are okay, but since I was only introduced to it not too long ago I could use some more experience with it. I ride well in the car and do well in the backseat. I believe that I would enjoy going on walks with my new family. While I am not a super active guy I do believe that I would also enjoy hiking.

Overall, I am a pretty chill dude that also likes to play. If the other dogs are up for playing so am I. If not, I will just chill out on my doggie bed or with a toy. If we are going outside, I will run like the wind and have a blast playing with the other dogs and exploring. Once we are back inside, I will settle down with no problem. I am really good about matching my energy level to that of my home.

Now, back to what is on everyone's hips. So, I am a candidate for surgery. My first surgery will be coming up very soon, and then I will need about a month of recovery. After that, they will go in and fix my other hip. So, I still have quite the journey ahead of me. But it has to happen and while I have learned to live with my hips being the way they is time to finally have some relief. Now with that said, it is almost a given that I am going to develop arthritis and may always walk a bit funny...or rather different. So, my new family needs to be both prepared and okay with this. I know none of this is ideal, but I didn't ask for this. I didn't ask to be a stray. I didn't ask to become emaciated. I didn't ask to be suffering like this for as long as I did. But I did ask for someone to finally care...for someone to finally save me and it happened.

Now I am asking for you to lend me a paw. I would love love love for you to adopt me. I know that my upcoming surgery and rehab can seem a bit nerve wracking but I am such a champ and fighter. I just know that we will get through it as long as we have one another! ♥

Now, if you have fallen in love with me and are interested in adopting me and becoming my FUREVER family, please fill out an adoption app at

Once your app comes in, it will be sent to my foster family. This is to help ensure that not only am I a good fit for you but that you are also a good fit for me! ? And then...then my dream will have fully come to life.

I am currently residing in Tulsa, OK. If you have fallen in love with me and are out of state, how about a road trip? I won't go on a long transport, so the only way I am relocating to another if we are in that car together ?

My adoption fee is $250.
That will include my DHLPP, Rabies, and Bordetella. I will be micro-chipped, have a fecal done, be de-wormed, be spayed/neutered, and will be current on heartworm and flea/tick prevention.

It will also include my X-Rays and both of my hip surgeries.


-Below is an excerpt from Wyatt's foster family.

"Wyatt is pure love. All he wants to do is be wherever you are. You will never complete a task alone again. If you are picking up something off the floor, he will be under you giving you kisses in no time. If you are doing laundry, he will squeeze in the laundry room with you and chill. If you are sweeping or vaccuming he will be by your side the whole time. If you are working on the computer, he will suddenly squeeze his big ole he

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