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Sherlock Bones German Shepherd Dog & Husky Mix Kiowa, OK

  • Young
  • Male
  • Large
  • Black, Yellow / Tan / Blond / Fawn


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Meet Sherlock Bones

Sherlock Bones is ready to share his story! ?

I am someone that loves adventure. Almost as much as I love being with my people. My original home wasn't all that great though. I was kept as an outside dog, and the fencing wasn't all that secure. It was so boring being all by myself. I wanted to be with my people. I wanted to explore. I wanted to live, there had to be more than just being left alone to my own devices in the yard every day. So, I started slipping under the fence and going on adventures myself. I was on the search for something the time I wasn't quite sure what. My adventurous behavior ended up landing me in the shelter. My owners were not willing to secure the fence so I couldn't escape and ended up surrendering me to the shelter. There I waited. For someone to adopt me and welcome me home. No one ever came through. Eventually, the shelter got full and I needed out. My kennel was needed for the next dog that was about to become homeless. Thankfully, a rescue had stepped up for me and I was moved to a boarding facility. Long story short, a few months later I was still in boarding and it turns out that rescue couldn't take me after all. I was starting to go stir crazy there! I am so thankful that I made it out of the shelter, but day in and out in a kennel isn't exactly fun. They ended up reaching out to this rescue, and they said yes! Before I knew it, I was off to my new start at life!

And that brings us to the present day. Where I spend my days chasing after those pesky squirrels, playing with the other dogs, and living my best life! This is what I was looking for back when I kept escaping that lonely yard. I wanted to be part of something...part of a family!

My name is Sherlock Bones and I am a 1.5-year-old German Shepherd/Husky mix. At least, that is our best guess. I currently weigh around 50lbs and am not expected to get much bigger.

The thing about adopting is you should not do it unless you are absolutely ready. That means you can commit to me for the rest of my life. I am going to be so loyal to my family, and I ask the same in return!

To help make the decision process easier, I had my foster family fill out this questionnaire for me!

-How does your foster act when meeting new people?
Sherlock LOVES to meet people! He may jump up and try to give hugs.

-Has your foster been to any public settings?
Yes, Sherlock has been on walks around the neighborhood. He wags his tail and gets so excited to make new friends (people and dogs alike).

-Does your foster like going on walks?
Yes, Sherlock LOVES going for walks. He is working on leash training. He tends to dart in all directions until he calms down. We don't think he had many leash walks prior to PPFT.

-Do you think your foster would enjoy going on hikes?
Yes, Sherlock loves all activities. He will need to stay on a leash, as he is a FAST runner when he puts his mind to it.

-Is your foster leash trained?
No. We are working on it.

-How does your foster do on car rides?
Sherlock jumps into the car by himself and likes to look out the window. He may try to sit in your lap, but once he calms down, he does great riding in the back seat.

-Does your foster jump on people?
Yes. He wants to give hugs and kisses.

-Describe your foster dog's energy level?
Sherlock Bones is an active and playful 1- 1.5 year old. He will run zoomies in the yard and will stare at the fence/ trees checking for squirrels. He adores his pets and rubs, and he does calm down for some good hugs and pets with his fosters.

-Is your foster a big chewer?
No, Sherlock will chew oinkies and nylabones, but he has not been destructive in his foster home.

-Does your foster like to play fetch?
Sherlock enjoys chasing balls, and collecting balls, but he is really all about playing with the other dogs in his foster home (his favorite) and getting loves from his fosters (his other favorite)

-Does your foster like to play in the
He did great at the groomers, and even let the groomer trim his nails. He doesn't seem to mind the rain, so if his new family asked him nicely, we could see him playing in the water.

-Does your foster play with Toys?
Yes, Sherlock enjoys chasing after balls (he doesn't necessarily retrieve them) and carrying toys around.

-Does your foster have food aggression?
No, Sherlock has not shown food aggression.

-Does your foster resource guard?
No, Sherlock has not shown resource guarding.

-Do you think your foster would be okay with free-roam of the house even if you are away?
Yes, but he is a young dog, so his family will want to puppy proof so he doesn't chew or get into something that he shouldn't. He also is tall enough to counter surf, FYI.

-Is your foster potty trained?
Yes, Sherlock Bones is potty trained.

-Is your foster kennel trained?
Yes, Sherlock eats his meals in his crate (we have several dogs, and it helps to feed them separately) but he prefers to be with his family.

-Where does your foster stay when no one is home?
Sherlock stays in the front part of our house when no one is home.

-Where does your foster sleep at night?
Sherlock wants to sleep on our bed with us, but our bossy dogs are not on board with that plan. He currently sleeps in the kitchen with our foster puppies (he loves playing with them). He'd really prefer to sleep on the bed with his humans.

-Would your foster dog do good in an apartment?
No, Sherlock loves to run zoomies in his backyard with the other dogs. He'd prefer to have a yard to run around in, and dog friends to play with.

-Is your foster a big barker?
No, we haven't heard Sherlock bark hardly at all. Sherlock did howl the first few nights he was with us (we're talking full out, you're in Transylvania wolf-man howling- it was a little eerie sounding, and also kind of cool that he could do that!). Once he was settled into our routine, he was much more comfortable and stopped howling. We think he was howling because he wanted to be with us instead of separated in the front half of the house. He was lonely until we started fostering a pair of puppies (they keep him company when we go to sleep).

-Is your foster good with other dogs?

-How does your foster act around other dogs?
Sherlock does GREAT with other dogs. He loves to play and even gets our bossy border collie to chase him around the backyard. He loves rolling around with our foster puppies and is gentle with them (they're quite young).

-Does your foster need another dog in his new home?
Yes, Sherlock would prefer another dog to play with in his new home. He LOVES to play chase in the backyard, and brainstorm how to catch squirrels (he will stare at them and point)

-Is your foster good with cats?
Unknown. He has not been around any cats. Based on his mix and reactions to squirrels, we think he'd probably chase a cat.

-Is your foster good with kids?
Sherlock has met several neighbor kids. He does jump up when he's excited, so he'd do best with dog-savvy kids. He occasionally mouths when he gets really excited, too, so his new family will want to keep working on redirecting him to a toy or chew bone when he does that.

-Does your foster jump fences?
No, Sherlock has not tried jumping our 6-foot wood fence. He also has not been left outside by himself. He would get lonely if he was left outside by himself. He is a social guy and wants to be with his family. He is pretty crazy about squirrels though, so it would be best if his new family had privacy fencing. If it was chainlink, we worry he would find a way out to chase after them.

-What would be your foster's ideal home?

Sherlock's ideal home would have another friendly dog for him to play with. He LOVES playing with the other dogs in his foster home. His favorite games are Chase Chase and Wrestle. He would do well in both an active home and a calm home, as long as he has playtime outside. He adores walks (he is working on leash training). He LOVES people and gets so excited to get hugs and pets from his fosters. He is a SWEETIE.

-What else can you tell me about your foster?

Sherlock Bones is a 50 pound, one-year-old-ish German Shepherd/ Husky? mix. He has beautiful, soft, long fluffy black fur, and brown arms and legs (and eyebrows!). He has pointy ears and the prettiest fluffy black tail. Sherlock has LOVED being a PPFT dog! The whole time we've fostered him, he's just been all smiles and hugs. He loves to be with his humans. His passions are playing and running zoomies outside with the other dogs in his foster home, gently herding the pair of foster puppies around the yard and inside the house, patrolling the yard for squirrels, and getting all the loves from his foster family. He adores people and will try to give hugs and the occasional kiss. He will do well with obedience training- he is treat and praise motivated and SMART! He is going to be such a treasure for the family who adopts him. We love you, Sherlock Bones!


Now that you know everything there is to know about me, it is time to talk logistics!

-How can someone adopt me?
The first step is to fill out an adoption app for me at

Once this app comes in, it will get sent on to my foster family and they will help me decide if we are a match or not.

-Where are you being fostered?
I am being fostered in Tulsa, OK

-Would I need to come to pick you up?
Yes, you would need to pick me up. This rescue does not send us on transports. It is less stress on us that way. Plus, you and I can already start bonding on the road trip home! ?

-Can I adopt you even though I don't live in Oklahoma?
Yep, I am not opposed to living in another state!

-How much is your adoption fee?

My adoption fee is $225.

That includes DHLPP, Rabies, and Bordetella. I will be micro-chipped, have a fecal done, be de-wormed, be spayed/neutered, and will be current on heart-worm

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Sherlock Bones

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