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  • Pug Mix
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Forked River, NJ


Special needs.

Meet Scarlet

The first step in adopting is sending a completed application.TO REQUEST AN APPLICATION: PLEASE state the home you are able to provide for Scarlet along with your mailing address. *** We do not adopt to families w/ children under 8 yrs. of ~~~~~~~~~10-29-08 Scarlet had surgery 2 weeks ago we hope that it works but is uncertain. Rambos case was worse and he cannot have the surgery.~~~~~~~~~~~~~10/4-Next week we are going to see another orthopedist. We have also consulted w/ a trainer that specializes in disabled pets. (video coming soon!)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 9/19/08 UPDATE Scarlet & her brother Rambo went to the orthopedist. Here is what we learned. Their deformity doesn't really have a name . Essentially what's going on is that their elbows (2 in each) are dislocated and cannot physically be put back in proper place due to muscle contracture and fibrosis - which came first, the dislocation or the muscle contracture is impossible to tell. Unfortunately, the deformity cannot be corrected surgically. Although we were not prepared to hear that we are looking into getting carts for the pups so they can scoot about. We may need a few carts due to them only being 12 weeks of age and 6 Lbs. each. If anyone has a cart they would like to donat for the front limbs or can provide a loaner please contact us! We appreciate any help for both Scarlet and her brother Rambo. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~Isn't she a beauty! Scarlet & her brother Rambo were found abandoned in a box to fend for themselves.Although Scarlet & her brother appear to look like normal pugs but BOTH pups have a serious deformity on their front legs. Definitely a genetic flaw. This leaves the pups unable to walk on their paws so instead they are crawling on their forearms w/ their butts high in the air to get around. However they are not in any apparent pain. They have learned to get around pretty quick. They wag their tail and love to play. If that's not enough poor little Scarlet is totally blind. One eye has not developed all the way. They look a lot like Buddhas eyes (our other special need pug still looking for his forever home). Scarlet's other eye has no pupil it is all black and has zero response to light. But this does not stop her from getting around and playing like all puppies do. I think we can all gather that the person who had most likely abandoned the pups was a backyard breeder. ~~We will update as we learn more they will be seeing an orthopedist soon.~~***We can only accept applications at this time once the pups have their surgery and physical therapy they can be placed in forever homes.***** ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *****PLEASE note we will accept and review applications until we feel a suitable match is found and is not a first come first serve basis.****Sorry but we cannot answer any emails w/ questions about the pugs. All info is on each pugs bio page. Please read our main page on our adoption policy and for any add't information you may need.**** ########################################## We appreciate any much needed items on our wish list!!!!!


Forked River, NJ
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