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Porkins’s FAQs

What is Dirt Road Doggies Rescue, INC’s adoption process?

All of our dogs are fully vetted (vaccines), parasite free, and altered (spay/neuter) prior to adoption, no exceptions.  Most dogs are microchipped.  Puppies must wait until 16 weeks of age to be adopted as this rule applies to them as well.  Completed vetting paperwork is presented at the time of adoption. Dirt Road Doggies are fostered by compassionate families.  With intricate knowledge of our dogs personalities, we work very hard to make each adoption a forever family by matching the adoptive families needs with the dogs.  We want each adoption to be successful.  Each adoption contribution is $250 per dog.  We do not adjust this rate based on the "popularity" of a dog.  We believe every dog is worthy of an owner that sees the value in them.  Each adoption contribution is used to cover the expenses incurred for that dog and other dogs in our program.

What is Porkins’s adoption fee?


Is Porkins good with kids?

We don’t have that info from the adoption organization yet, but you can reach out to them directly for details.

Is Porkins good with other animals?

Porkins is good with other dogs. It is not known if Porkins is good with cats.

When can I meet Porkins?

As soon as the adoption organization has a chance to review your information, they’ll reach out with next steps and timing.

When can I adopt Porkins?

Time to adopt varies, but typically adoption organizations require an official application prior to adoption. If you’re a match, they’ll reach out with next steps and timing.

Porkins detail page