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Mr. Bean

  • Dog
  • Beagle Mix
  • Beagle Mix
  • Rockville, MD
  • Puppy
  • Male
  • Small
Rockville, MD


Vaccinations up to date.

Meet Mr. Bean


"Mr. Bean has gone from country dog to city dog as he know lives in downtown Baltimore. He's healthy at 13 pounds and full of energy and personality. Mr. Bean enjoys long walks near the water and playing with the other city dogs at the local dog parks."

Mr. Bean's Original Petfinder Listing

Mr. Bean - 10 weeks old as of 10/15 - black and white short coat - Beagle mix - small (25 pounds projected weight when fully grown)

Mr. Bean is as endearing and funny as the British sit-com character for whom he is named. Mr. Bean even bears some physical resemblance to this hapless and hilarious television protagonist. His dark and earnest eyes bulge slightly; he is diminutive, but remarkably fast, and he sleeps with his little front legs wrapped around his own tattered and threadbare stuffed bear.

Not to carry comparisons to an extreme, Mr. Bean also has a touching innocence - he is completely trusting. He approaches all people and all
animals - large, small and of any species - with absolute faith and confidence in their innate good will. His eye contact is open and direct, and his expression is earnest and expectant.

Mr. Bean is a cuddler - he loves being held and stroked, and he gives kisses with ardent abandon. He plays with his rope toy with great ferocity. Outdoors, he runs and bounds with his ears streaming, catching blowing leaves and small sticks. He streaks off on his small missions, and then barrels back to his caregivers lap, where he settles, panting, with his ears akimbo, well satisfied with himself.

Mr. Bean is a little guy with the heart of a big guy. He will be a joy to raise.

Mr. Bean has been adopted, but if you are interested in finding a wonderful dog of your own, please visit our Web site at

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