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Melody Mixed Breed Philadelphia, PA

  • Adult
  • Female
  • Medium
  • Black, White / Cream


Adult Only Home Preferred, Foster eligible, Good Dog Meet in Shelter, No Cats, Waiver Fearful
Vaccinations up to date, spayed / neutered.
Prefers a home without

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Meet Melody

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Melody ACCT-A-157573 is currently considered urgent and at risk of euthanasia due to length of stay and lack of space for incoming dogs. Melody must have confirmed placement with an ADOPTER, FOSTER or RESCUE PARTNER by Monday, July 22nd by 10:00 am. Should Melody's medical or behavioral status change, her urgency and timeline for placement may also change.

Sweet Melody is an approximately 5 year old spayed female that came into the shelter as a stray in February of this year. She was a little nervous at first, but quickly warmed up to the staff and volunteers at the shelter. Melody was ultimately timestamped for length of stay at the shelter, and was taken to foster care before her timestamp expired.

Melody spent a few months adjusting to foster care and started to thrive. Unfortunately, Melody did not get along with the cat friend in the home and the foster was forced to return her in June. She is now urgent once again, and looking for someone that can offer her permanent placement (or one that will keep her until she finds her forever home).

This is what Melody's friends had to say about her in and out of the shelter:

Per volunteer 7/5: took Melody out for a run this morning. She was a perfect pal the whole time. Ran right by my side and was happy and bouncy! We took a break to cool off in the shade and relaxed for a bit w some snacks, pets, & a few kisses. She a really sweetie!

Per volunteer 6/19:
Melody is the perfect medium to low energy girl to cuddle up with while watching your favorite show. Whether she's staring at you with her one curious eyebrow or dreaming the day away, Melly has so much love to give and is excited to meet her forever family. Melody's ideal day would include cuddling up with you on the couch or bed, having a play session of fetch or tug, and showering you with kisses. She also loves pets, and will roll over to get belly rubs. She has grown so much during her 3.5 months in foster care, and I know she will only continue to blossom more with her adopters. Unfortunately, Mel did not get along with the resident cat, and had to be returned to the shelter. Melly is a very loving girl who deserves a loving family!

Most of the day, all Melody is looking for is a comfy place to hang out with you! She naps really hard and is often found having dreamies with foot and mouth twitches, and even the occasional tail wag! You may even have to search out this sleepy queen and wake her up for a meal. In the mornings, she'll even let you sleep in! Playing with squeaker stuffies is one of Melody's favorite activities. Mel can get a little mouthy with her play, but is easily redirected to a toy, and will even go get a toy to hold when she's feeling 'big feelings' like when one of her foster parents gets home. Because of her excitement with playtime, we think she would do best in a home without young children. Mel does well with baths and loves getting brushed! She enjoys car rides, and does well staying out of the way in the back seat. She's had a positive dog play session and would love to get some play time with another playful/tolerant dog.

Melody appreciates shorter, leisurely walks where she can stop and enjoy all the neighborhood smells! She's great at checking in with her humans on walks, and has grown in her confidence. Mel can be selectively reactive to visual stimuli, and would love a foster or adopter who can continue to work with her on it since she is prone to "trigger stacking." Mel does really well with sound stimuli (traffic, storms, etc.) and city noise does not seem to bother her. Mel practices an open communication style and will sometimes bark if someone approaches the home, but does not dwell on it. She would do best in a lower traffic home where she doesn't have new people coming into the home all the time since she can be unsure about new people. However, Melly warms up to people after a few hours, so as long as they are willing to stick around, they'll be greeted by a wiggly pup. Mel doesn't mind walks in the rain, and will even get zoomies after getting toweled off. Melody is not at all destructive with toys or furniture if left alone free roaming, but she can get a little vocal wondering where you are so she would appreciate someone willing to continue working with her to understand that her humans will always come back! She's gotten a lot better with this over time as she settled into the foster home, and needs a patient home who can give her time to decompress.

Mel is very food motivated and loves to practice her training cues each day. She's smart, eager to please, and picks up on training easily - while in foster care, she learned sit, stay, down, wait, & leave it. Mel enjoys the mental stimulation of puzzle feeders and training, and is happy to practice her "stay" when getting her meals. Melody is housebroken and loves to get scratches all over. If you're interested in meeting Melody to foster or adopt, please reach out or come visit her!

Per volunteer 6/19:
Had Melody out today for the first time since she came back to the shelter, but for the 4th or 5th time total. She took a few minutes to get comfortable but then seemed to recognize me and did some play bows and zoomies! Took treats super gently, wasn't very interested in play but it was hot so we were only out for a bit. Pulled lightly on leash but super management. Super sweet girl still!!

Per Staff 6/7:
Returning 6/16 due to issues with the cat and her integrating in the home

Per her foster 5/26:
She hasn't spent time with children, but we've passed some on walks, and she usually doesn't react to them. There's several kids on my block we see out playing and she has only barked a couple times at them (high tail wags).

I believe she was initially tagged no kids due to her handling sensitivity in vet exams. With us she hasn't had any issues - I can pet her all over, touch her paws, tail, face, etc. The only handling item is that she is not a fan of being picked up/moved, especially if she's cozy/napping. But she's good about following leash manners so she'll move with a leash on the collar (or using a treat). She will grumble if you try to move (push her) and usually will growl as a warning if you try to pick her up. I have picked her up a few times without issue but it is clearly not her preference

Per her foster 4/26:
Melody has been better for short intervals. We're still not able to get Melody to sleep in her crate - she's just too vocal if we close the door. She has been sleeping in the crate (door open) in the bedroom without issues. She is also vocal when we leave, even for short times. I'm not certain if she barks the whole time or what percentage of the time she's barking. She does seem to do better in general when left alone in a room (not crated), but after a while will whine/bark to ask where I've gone. If given a long lasting treat in the crate like a frozen kong, she will happily enjoy it in the crate, but once she finishes it then she's barky again. I've been working with her with crate games, special crate only treats, etc but it is definitely just a slow process!

I think some of it is that she's used to the routine of me working remotely, so if I'm not around or she's not sure where I am, she does get more vocal (i.e. when she's with my partner) but settles down pretty quickly. My parents are staying with us this week, and she is much more vocal with new people in the home, but I think she's already starting to adjust to them. She will bark at them to get attention/play, but she doesnt do this with me or my partner anymore. Mel does selectively react to other dogs and some people on walks, so we try to avoid having to pass other dogs. She will bark/play bow or run with a high tail. I'm starting to work with her on reactivity also, but I haven't had a lot of time lately to work on it.

Per Foster Parent 3/4:
Wanted to send over some info to update Melody's profile. I'll keep you updated as we learn more about her, but she'd been so great the first couple of days!
- I have not noticed any sensitivities around her tail like was noted in the shelter. She did yelp once when I tried to put her harness on, but I think it was more out of surprise as I've not had any issues touching her otherwise
- She had a couple of pee accidents in the room when left alone (even for a few minutes), so I'm working on helping her understand that she doesn't need to be nervous and I will always be back. First night she whined throughout the night in her crate (no bed as I wasnt sure if she would try to ingest any), but second night went considerably better, and I anticipate that she will have no issues with crate training. She takes her toys into the crate with her and will nap in it throughout the day.
-She's great on walks, interested in others but does not pull (except for once or twice when she wanted to play). She's also great with playing fetch and will bring the toy back & drop it for me to throw. She has not tried to chew through any toys and is able to have it in her crate overnight.
-She does not seem to mind any of the city noises (traffic, people, trains), and overall has been fantastic! I will be testing out leaving her in short intervals this week to see how she does as she gets more comfortable here.
Also - she was sleeping SO HARD today, having lots of dreamies with foot twitches and even a tail wag, so I think she's getting more comfortable and can't wait to see her fully get settled & open up!

Per Volunteer 2/28:
So sweet again tonight, and came out of her shell a bit more! She is so good for leashing and a dream to walk on leash. Outside in the play yard she got some zoomies and did a few play bows which was so
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