Maxx* (21 mo 35 lb) (pending adoption 5/8 trans) 1 Maxx* (21 mo 35 lb) (pending adoption 5/8 trans) 2 Maxx* (21 mo 35 lb) (pending adoption 5/8 trans) 3
Maxx* (21 mo 35 lb) (pending adoption 5/8 trans) 1

Maxx* (21 mo 35 lb) (pending adoption 5/8 trans)

  • Dog
  • Mountain Cur & Feist Mix
  • Mountain Cur & Feist Mix
  • Morehead, KY
  • Young
  • Male
  • Medium
  • Brindle , White / Cream
Morehead, KY


Coat length
Vaccinations up to date, spayed / neutered.

Meet Maxx* (21 mo 35 lb) (pending adoption 5/8 trans)

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4/8: Maxx is now sponsored for rescue!

Photo 1: he's the dog in the middle.  Photo 2 he's carrying a toy.

3/28 plea from Julia for Maxx: Maxx was wrongly labeled as shy when he first came in. He simply does not do well in a kennel and he was at STAR's kennel far too long. I brought him home because he had fallen through the cracks and no one was looking at him even though I normally do not foster young dogs. As soon as I loaded him in the car I knew what a tragedy it was that he had been stuck for so long. What a sweet dog! He was smiles and tag wags on the trip home. When we got to my house it was obvious...there was nothing wrong with Maxx! Maxx is kitty safe. Maxx loves other dogs. He loves people. He has only lifted his leg once in the house. He walks great on a lead. He is about 35lbs. His coat is so pretty in the sun. He is young, about 2 years, playful and happy go lucky! He is great on walks and would love to have someone to walk with. He is a cuddler in bed. Maxx goes off leash here. He does not leave the yard. He is an all around good boy! I promise!!!!! I really need rescue for him! The problem here is my old chow hates him. And to be fair to my beloved Dini, I really should stick to what Dini is comfortable with and that is senior beagles and small dogs. Dini is 14 and he needs and deserves his comfort. So if anyone can help sweet Maxx....both me and Dini would be grateful!

Nice dog, good on a leash,enjoys just walking and checking things out, seems fine around cats, sniffs but that's about it, fine with other dogs so far. Keeps crate clean, young and wants to play. A little mouthy when playing but not bad. His coat is so nice and silky now and really pretty in the sun.

3/14 update: Maxx was moved to Julia's to foster last night.  She gave him a bath and introduced him to her cat and he did great.  She was AMAZED at how quickly he seemed to be adjusting after being kenneled for months.  He's not shy like we thought when he was in the kennel.  He was giving her kisses and quickly settled down in his crate with a toy.  She'll be updating his bio/photos/videos shortly, but says he seems like a nice dog that just got overlooked.



3/3 update: New video taken in early March.  Max has been kenneled alone for months. Somehow, in the rush of all the dogs that have come and gone, this poor guy fell through the cracks and we're working to correct that.  As you can see from the video vs the photos (which were taken on intake) he's put on a decent amount of weight and is stockier than the original photos.  

The video shows that he's nervous with a new person in his kennel, but curious enough to come back in and sniff her.  So we think he has potential, just needs to get out of the kennel environment and get some more exposure/interaction with people and see how he does around other dogs. (Kennel staff hasn't mentioned any concerns with other dogs.)  

When his visitor was standing up and towering over him at the start of the video, he chose to go outside repeatedly because her standing there was scaring him. When she squatted down and turned sideways to him (a more appropriate way to let a scared dog approach and test the waters) he did much better.  We have a potential foster mom going over to meet him soon and we're hoping she'll be able to take him home and see how he does in a home environment.

We haven't weighed him, but based on this new video are bumping up his weight estimate from 30 to 35 lbs.  If needed, we can get a more accurate weight on him for a rescue.  We hope to have some better pictures of him soon.  Rescues, please give this guy a chance.  

Because of his fearfulness, he is not suitable for a home with children.


We are trying to get updated information and photos/video on Maxx.  In the meantime, kennel staff says he is quiet and content. He seems good with others, and has been here for a long time. 

Bio: Maxx's male elderly owner died and the family moved the wife to Ohio, leaving Maxx.  He was vaccinated 11/29 and neutered and heartworm tested 11/30.  Maxx weighs 30# and looks to be 12-18 months old.  Neighbor said he just showed up at elderly couple's house, so we don't know where he originated. He was dewormed and also started on Iverhart Plus on 12/1/12.

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Dogs in the Rowan County K-9 Shelter receive their first dhppl vaccination (parvo/distemper) upon arrival at the pound. Rabies vaccine and spay/neuter surgery can be done for the $50 adoption fee. Please note rabies vaccine and surgeries are NOT done on site and dogs must be adopted before they receive rabies vaccine or surgery. We currently do not have the ability to cat test the pound dogs.

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Maxx* (21 mo 35 lb) (pending adoption 5/8 trans)

Maxx* (21 mo 35 lb) (pending adoption 5/8 trans)

  • Mountain Cur
  • Young
  • Male