Koko* OS (15 mo, 52 lbs tall) SPONSORED rsq SD 9/14 1 Koko* OS (15 mo, 52 lbs tall) SPONSORED rsq SD 9/14 2 Koko* OS (15 mo, 52 lbs tall) SPONSORED rsq SD 9/14 3
Koko* OS (15 mo, 52 lbs tall) SPONSORED rsq SD 9/14 1

Koko* OS (15 mo, 52 lbs tall) SPONSORED rsq SD 9/14

  • Dog
  • Black Labrador Retriever & Great Dane Mix
  • Black Labrador Retriever & Great Dane Mix
  • Morehead, KY
  • Adult
  • Female
  • Large
Morehead, KY


Vaccinations up to date, spayed / neutered.

Meet Koko* OS (15 mo, 52 lbs tall) SPONSORED rsq SD 9/14

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Koko has been sponsored for rescue!

08/19/2013 Koko is one of the happiest dogs ever. You can watch her all day, & her tail will not stop wagging. Regardless of if she is calmly watching the neighborhood from the living room window or whether she is just walking around the house, her tail is wagging & she is happy to be there. She is mid to high energy, but is not a jumpy in your face kind of girl. She is very quiet; rarely have we heard her bark & even then, it was just a quick bark.

8/11/13 Koko is being fostered in a home with 4 other dogs ranging from 1 year old to 15 years old & has been great with all of them.

7/29/13 Update: Koko is a happy happy girl. Her tail is always wagging & she loves people & other dogs. She is a bit of a toy hog & will take toys away from other dogs & bark at them if they try to get them back, but a person can easily take toys from her. She enjoys playing fetch with a tennis ball. She is best suited for a cat free home. She loves to meet new people & always stops to get petted by the neighborhood kids on her daily walks. They are delighted when she will sit & shake hands with them. She does great on leash though she does pull a little for the first few minutes. She is still easy to handle though. She has access to a doggy door & knows to go potty outside & she has also been inside with no access to the doggy door for several hours without any accidents.  She is a smart girl who is eager to please.New video http://youtu.be/CGrClrbhL0s

7/18 update from foster: She is doing great! I introduced her to our Pauley last night & she did perfect. Even though she was excited to meet someone new, she still sat when I asked her to. She has also been wonderful with Susi. She plays with her, but when she sees that Susi is starting to get uncomfortable, she backs off right away. She does great on leash. For the first couple of minutes of the walk she will pull a little, but she calms down quickly. I have not tried her with the cats yet, but will this weekend.She does stand on her back legs & I always think she is going to jump on me, but she doesn't :)She is super sweet. I wonder if she has a little Great Dane mixed in with her? She has such long legs. Either way she is a gem!

7/14: Moved to foster along with Susi.  Knows sit and shake.

She does fine will dogs of all sizes in the play yard.

6/11: New photos uploaded.  She's looking great, skin is healed, and she is still very sweet, despite being kenneled for months.  Rescues, please consider pulling Koko!  She doesn't deserve to spend her days languishing in a kennel.

3/31 update: Koko spent some time out of her kennel with other dogs yesterday. She was good with all of the other dogs. She also loves being around people. Jan has treated Koko for mange which she feels is probably demodectic. She will be even prettier when that is taken care of. With people, Koko does not jump up on me. She calmly enjoyed attention. Seems like she would be a good girl and would do well in a home.

Bio: Koko was turned in by her owner on 3-14.  She is a very happy girl who loves attention.  She seems to have a very sweet personality, and is getting along well with another dog in Pen #1.

Please sponsor me! Full sponsorship is $120 per dog. Partial sponsorships accepted and appreciated. PayPal as gift to STAR_donations@yahoo.com and include comment: sponsor money for [insert dog's name you wish to sponsor]. Sponsoring saves lives!

Dogs in the Rowan County K-9 Shelter receive their first dhppl vaccination (parvo/distemper) upon arrival at the pound. Rabies vaccine and spay/neuter surgery can be done for the $50 adoption fee. Please note rabies vaccine and surgeries are NOT done on site and dogs must be adopted before they receive rabies vaccine or surgery. We currently do not have the ability to cat test the pound dogs.

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Koko* OS (15 mo, 52 lbs tall) SPONSORED rsq SD 9/14

Koko* OS (15 mo, 52 lbs tall) SPONSORED rsq SD 9/14

  • Black Labrador Retriever
  • Adult
  • Female