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Inspector Gadget Labrador Retriever Mix Aberdeen, WA

  • Adult
  • Male
  • Medium


Vaccinations up to date, spayed / neutered.
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Other dogs, children.
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Meet Inspector Gadget

I'm a graduate of the FREEDOM TAILS PROGRAM with 12 weeks of training from our friends at Stafford Creek Corrections Center. I am available now. Fill out an application today!

Inspector Gadget was found on a mission to find his forever family. He doesn't want to talk about his life before getting picked up by Animal Control, and is just ready to move forward with love and positive energy (emphasis on the "energy" part)! His favorite activity is going for walks and will grab the leash and use his Go-Go-Gadget Legs to charge head-first into whatever adventures life has to bring!


Gadget checking in, thought I was going to my forever home last week but I am still with all my friends here. If I could, I would stay forever. I love my furry play pals and all the other pals, feeders and my ball throwers. All the people here are so nice and pet me and give me good scratches. And sometimes a good treat so I am tail waggin' happy. Well, on with my day heading to the dog park. More later!

- Gadget

5/12 -
Hello everybody,
Just wanted to pop in and tell you all how things are going here at the Stafford Creek Freedom Tails program. I've had so much fun and have learned so much. I can now sit, lay down, shake, leave it and wait for my food. I still need to work some more on my leash skills and to come when they call my name but my handler says, "Don't worry buddy, we'll get there" Since I've been here I've made a ton of new friends who are in the program too! Me and Allan are best buds. We play keep away and chase each other around. He doesn't know but I will let him win :) Everyone is so nice here, the staff gives me treats and all I have to do is sit or shake or lay down. Crazy huh?!? My handler's name is Dru and he treats me like one of the fellas. He even lets me watch TV with him and sometimes he gives me some popcorn. Life is good here. Well this one's out the door! I'll write more next week, until then.

5/17 -
Hey guys it's your favorite pup here, just wanted to drop in and give you an update of how things are going here at the Freedom Tails Dog Program and the lessons I've learned this week.
We worked on my leash skills in the morning before it got too hot out. We also worked on sit and stay. My handler gave me treats and said I did well. Sit and stay are easy concepts to understand once you get the hang of it. I sit, stay, come when they call my name and I get a treat! It's a great deal, well for me anyways! We also worked on focus. That's when my trainer wants me to look at him and make eye contact. He gives me a treat for that too, We did this for a bit and then we played at the off leash park. I just LOVE IT THERE! We play fetch and tug of war and sometimes my buddies Allan and Wesley show up. Even the kid Humperdinck comes through to hang out. Hold on, got an itch (scratch, scratch) Okay! I'm back! When it started to heat up my trainer filled up a laundry cart so we could cool off and all go for a swim! It was the next best thing to being at a lake. After that we hung out in the shade and ate ice cubes. I just love those things. We did this all week! My trainer said it's too hot out to be training all day so we trained in the day and hung out in front of the fan in the evening and watched TV. Life is good. Well that's all for now, I'll write back next week for another update so stay tuned! Same dog place, same dog channel... until then - GADGET

5/24 -
Hey everybody, it's your favorite pup here! Just wanted to check in and give you guys an update on how things are going this week here at the Freedom Tails Dog Program. This week was a lot of fun. We got to try out this obstacle course that the handlers put together. It had a line of barking cones, I mean parking cones set up so we could zig zag through them. I wanted to eat them but my handler told me to leave it so I did and he gave me a treat. Then we came up to this part that had a lit from a storage tote on the ground and my handler asked me to step onto the lid and sit, then wait. So I did. Then he walked over to the kennels and asked me to come and get inside, so I did. Next we went back to the area that had the lod and I was asked to sit again, so I did. Then we went over to the next part of the course that had this thing you jump over. I think they called it a hurdle? Just looked like an old broom stick on top of two milk crates to me. These humans sure have some strange names for things. I really like doing the obstacle course and I hope we get to do it again soon. Maybe they'll have a treat eating contest for us. I'd bet I'd win that! It was also nice to see a bunch of the staff out in the crowd cheering us on and even this lady from PAWS of Grays Harbor named Kimiko brought a kiddy pool for us to relax in the next time it gets hot out. She is so thoughtful. I just love her. All the people at PAWS have been a real God send to us. Also this other lady named Tesha who works next door to us brought us some toys and this other lady named Star brought us some frozen pumpkin puree treats with little doggie treats on top! Even my sponsor officer Letcher brought me a toy! This place is GREAT! I'm learning so much here. I now know sit, stay, wait, down, shake, roll over, by me, east, up, off, and crate! I still need a little work on come, kennel, and my leash skills. I sometimes pull a bit when I get excited. I think he just walks too slow but if i listen and focus he gives me a treat so i'm going to listen. He says I'll be the perfect dog once I get these two things down. I wish Allie (dog care specialist at PAWS) could see me now.... Well that's it for this week. I've got to run. I've got a playdate with my buddy wesley. For those of you reading, stay tuned! Same dog place, same dog channel. Until next time... your friend Gadget.

6/2 -
Hey guys, it's your favorite pup here and I just wanted to take a few minutes and give you guys an update as to what I've been up to this week at the Freedom Tails dog program. Hang on two seconds, I've got an itch......*scratch, scratch, scratch*. Okay I'm back.
So this week was awesome, we started off training early in the morning right after breakfast. I had kibble, my trainer had oatmeal but he always hooks me up and lets me clean his bowl after he is done. He says I could get a job working in a a restaurant as a dishwasher when I get out. After we ate we went out walking, working on focus/look at me and sit. We also worked on my leash manners as well. He says we only have five weeks left so we've got to work extra hard at it so I can get my green bandanna which signifies I know all my stuff I can do 95% of the time and I'm good to go. I don't mind working extra hard at something. My only question is does it come with extra treats? :) After that we ran the obstacle course. I just love doing that. I don't know if I've told you last time but we added a hoop at the end for us to jump through. That thing is tricky, you have to time it just right at the right speed and height or you won't make it. Me and a few of the other dogs kept hitting the top or sides at first. Some of us - myself included - would just run around it to get the treat on the other side. I was like, 'hello? Do you know it's way easier to just go around? :)' but my trainer wanted me to learn to do it so we can show it off at graduation and I want to make him happy, so I did it. After I jumped through he picked me up and said I was a good boy and spun me around. We practiced this off and on throughout the week. We also worked on my sit and stay and come. He would tell me to sit and stay and walk about fifty or a hundred feet and then call me over to him and give me a treat. I love that game. :) We also went to the off leash park and played with my friends Allan, T-Bone, Humperdink and Wesley. We just have the time of our lives down there wrestling, playing fetch, tug-of-war and my personal favorite: keep away. Even my other human friends - the I.T. Girls Shelby and Taylor - stopped in from time to time to say hi and play. Taylor says I'm the cutest and the goofiest of the bunch and I'd say she was right. :)
Later on in the week I got a bath and got my under coat brushed. I just love being pampered. It makes me feel like a prince. :)
Right now I'm just having out on the snuggly blanket that my good friends at PAWS got me, waiting for my trainer to get his vest on so we can go to the Wednesday class. Looks like he is ready to roll so I will cut this one short. I will be back with another update for you next week. See you guys there. Same pup place same pup channel...

Your friend,

Hey guys it's your favorite pup Gadget here and, as promised, I'm back to give everybody an update to how my week has been here at the Freedom Tails Dog Program and Stafford Creek.
My week has been awesome and I hope yours was as fun as mine! When we left off last week I was telling you about me and the other dogs learning to do the obstacle course. We had a blast running through that thing. My favorite part is jumping through the hoop! :) We also worked on "by me", which is when my trainer wants me to come to him and sit right by his side, wait, and make eye contact. It was a little tricky to understand at first, but I'm starting to get it. Especially when he pulls out the GOOD treats! :) I'll practically break dance for those! We pretty much did this most of the week: obstacle course in the morning and leash training at night when it cooled down. It was a warm week and I'm black, so it's extra hot for me. My trainer said we'll take it easy on the hot days and just hang out at the off-leash dog park with my dog friends or hang by the pool. He said I'm doing very well and I'm a good

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Inspector Gadget

Inspector Gadget

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