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Harley Quinn Australian Cattle Dog / Blue Heeler Mix Aberdeen, WA

  • Adult
  • Female
  • Medium


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Meet Harley Quinn

I'm a Freedom Tails graduate!

Harley Quinn here! Listen up, humans! I'm almost done with my PAWS training. That means you're running out of time to adopt me! So this week I'm going to make it easy for you lucky adopter humans to realize just how perfect I am for you.

Hi, I'm Harley Quinn and I love to play! Are you a human with an overwhelming urge to throw and kick dog toys? Then I'm your dog! I will chase balls. I will chase kongs. I'll even chase a frisby and catch it in the air! Why do I do this? I don't know! But I love it!!! And I will love you if you play with me. I'll bring the toy right back every time and set it at your feet. I will also protect you from belligerent stuffed animals. They think they're all so cute and cuddly. I will teach every stuffed animal a lesson by shaking the crap out of it. Once I've subdued the beast, we can play fetch with it! WIN-WIN! Well, maybe not for the stuffed animal... but they were asking for it.

Harley Quinn here! Taking a break from chasing toys to bark about my week. It's been mostly chasing toys - calls, frisbees, this little bone I chew on, or literally anything you wave in front of me and throw. I feel it's a good use of my time. I made friends with two humans who like to rub my belly, so they're ok. Though they keep following me around with a dustpan that I poop on. So they're a little weird, but make it up to me by throwing toys afterwards. I've been walking on a leash and being a good girl. Met some dogs too! They're not as fun as toys but I don't mind herding them around and telling them what to do in the yard. I'm taking my yellow bandana test tomorrow. If I pass, it means I get to make ALL the humans in here throw toys for me! It's about time they started pulling their weight. They've just been wasting their little thumb thingies by not throwing toys for me to chase. So finally they will find purpose. Oh my gawd - that reminds me! I haven't chased a toy in ten minutes! I gotta go!! Harley Quinn signing off!


Hey everyone! Harley Quinn here! This week I have dedicated myself to licking the floor, I know what you are thinking, but hear me out. I'm pretty smart and I have discovered that sometimes food falls on the floor. My theory is that maybe food wants to be on the floor! My genius has also discovered that food tastes good, and by extension the floor tastes good where the food falls. So, I posit that perhaps by licking the delicious floor, I can entice more food to fall there. In order to scientifically test my theory I have spent the last week observing humans eating food, predicting various food falling and the trajectory, and licking the floor. It's all very technical. Some of you may question my resolve when faced with humans who stubbornly thwart food's innate desire to become airborne. However, I assure you that I, Harley Quinn, will continue to doggedly continue my research by licking the floor until this mystery is solved.
The humans spent this week trying to teach me to look at them. I am not sure why. They are very interesting to look at. They are not made of toys, and only slightly made of food. But, I will be a good girl and help them out. It's the least I can do. I feel sorry for them because they are not as adorable to look at as I am! Harley Quinn out!


Harley Quinn here! Okay dogs - let's talk, we need to set some ground rules for the canine population. First, I have no interest in you. You have no thumbs which means you cannot throw balls for me. If you can;t throw a ball for me, that basically makes you useless in Harlet's world... unless you are also literally made of bologna. Humans DO appear to be made of bologna, or at least have some sort of supernatural ability to make it appear in their pockets and stylish fanny packs. This is why I let them rub my adorable tummy. It;s all part of my cunning plan to attain their delicious, magical bologna and get them to throw balls.

Second, I need NO competition when it comes to chasing balls. Understand that ALL balls belong to me, I get to chase the ball - you get to watch me chase the ball. If you would like to help, I will allow you to be my emotional support animal. Other than that, stay the heck away from my ball! I have no interest in jumping around with you if there is no ball chasing involved. If you do have a ball, you need to drop that thing and get away from me while I play with your ball. I will not be mean to you, but remember: all balls belong to me. So give me your ball and go play with a stick or something.

Third, and very importantly, we need to talk about meeting me. I am a lady, and as such, you are not allowed to sniff my butt. I am allowed to sniff your butt, but you need to know your role and just stand there while I do that. If you try to sniff my butt, I will snarl and check the crap out of you. Unless you have a ball. If you have a ball, I will wait patiently for you to sniff me until the second you drop the ball. Then it's MINE, and I will take your ball and run away. Because, remember, all balls belong to me.

Great talk dogs, Harley Quinn out!

Harley Quinn here!

Okay humans - I don't know what's going on with you, but we need to talk. First you're all like, "Come here, follow me, let's go." All the time it's go, go, go! Put on the lash and walk, walk, walk! Now all of a sudden you want me to stay, stay?!?! Are you serious right now? Stay in one spot while you walk away, then wait for you to come back, when did this become a thing? I think you people have some serious issues. I do not want to stay. I want to chase balls, frisbees and literally anything you throw over and over and over again. YOU can stay. Stay there, throw the thing and I will be right back with it! I'll give it back to you because you did such a good job of staying there. Good human. Now... throw the thing again! But nooooo, you just have to ruin our relationship dynamic by making ME stay. Oh I'll do it - while staring at you with an attitude and puppy cuteness! I might even wag my stumpy tail to make you feel even worse about it. You will reap the whirlwind of my cuteness. Mark my words humans, there will be a furry reckoning for all this staying you're putting me through!

Harley Quinn out!

Harley Quinn here! Today's blog is for dogs, so all humans must stop reading now...ok dogs, this blog will be about how to trick the humans who think they can tame your canine wildness.

Humans try to very cleverly get you to do things for them, like sitting and laying down. They have these little hand signals for each one. My trick is to avoid eye contact, so they think I can't see the hand signal. When I look up, I wag my adorable stumpy tail so they forget what they were asking for and rub my belly instead.

Now, if not looking at them doesn't work, try looking busy. Humans don't like to interrupt when you look busy. So, when my humans ask me to lay down I start to chew on my butt. The humans will suddenly become self-conscious because they are ashamed of interrupting my important work and will look away. This frees me up for more important tasks, like chewing my butt some more.

Here's a really important tip. Humans can only tell you not to do something if they are there to do it. I'm a good girl, so I don't jump up on the bed. When the humans leave the house they don't know, so when they leave, I sleep on the bed! You have to remember to jump back down to your dog bed on the floor when you hear the key in the door. Don't make my mistake of sleeping too deeply or you won't hear them and they will catch you. If that happens, wag your tail and look adorable, they will forget you're not supposed to be up there and rub your tummy instead. Haha! Fooled again silly humans.

Just remember these important tips and you too will be the master of your humans. Harley out!!!

Harley Quinn here! This week I've decided that I hate keys. What is with these humans and jingling keys all the time? I discovered that jingling keys sounds mean that some stranger is about to look into my window, look into MY window?! Not on my watch! So now I bark at key sounds. That will teach those keys! But now my humans keep trying to teach me to be quiet. If I'm quiet, how will I warn them about approaching keys?1 Humans are crazy.

I also like to bark at tall people sometimes. There tall humans need to be taken down a peg- - both figuratively and literally (pun intended). Nobody needs to be THAT tall! Look at me- I'm super short, and I get along just fine. Food and water bowl adjacent and I don't have as far down to go to the floor to take a nap. Also, balls tend to hide on the ground, and it;s better to stalk them at their level. So I will continue to bark at the taller humans, letting them know I do not approve of their weird height deformity.

Oh my gawd! I just realized there may be tall humans who jingle keys out there. I will lose my friggin mind if that happens! I need to think about this... and chew on my butt for a while.
Harley Quinn out!

Harley Quinn here! Okay, we need to talk again. THis time it's about how you keep thinking you;re smarter than me. I know, I know you have removable fur suits and those cute little thumbs that let you open doors and cans of dog food. But I am still clearly the more clever animal here, and you guys need to know your role!

Case in point - last month you pulled a toy out of a spare treasure can sitting under the desk. You thought I wouldn't notice this magical toy producing treasure can in action. HAHA! Harley Quinn saw everything! I'm on to you, humans. Now I have the secret.

I've knocked that garbage can open everyday since then look

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Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn

  • Australian Cattle Dog / Blue Heeler
  • Adult
  • Female