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Duck’s FAQs

What is PetEmber’s adoption process?

1- PetEmber adopts to all residents of California. Out of state adoptions are accepted under limited circumstance. 2- You must be at least 18 years of age to adopt an animal. A current photo ID is required to at the time of the adoption. 3- No holds or deposits are accepted. To PetEmber the discretion in taking the adoption decisin. The adoption fee is charged only at the time of the adoption. 4- Adoption at PetEmber are based on approved adoption applications. You must submit an adoption application and get approved in order to adopt. 5- All dogs and cats must be spayed/neutered by 6 months of age. 6- All dogs and cats must have a microchip implanted in them for identification purposes. 7- All dogs must be up to date on Parvo, distemper, adenovirus I, Adenovirus II, Parainfluenza, and Bordtella vaccines before being adopted. The adopter is obligated to continue to administer vaccines as per the date recommended on the health record. 8- All dogs 5 months and older must have the Rabies shot before adopted. The adopter must keep all vaccines current. 9- All adopters are equal regardless of color, race, gender, sexual orientation, or religion. 10- Information on the adoption application are kept confidential and it will only be used to assist your adoption request.

What is Duck’s adoption fee?

The adoption organization hasn’t provided fee details on this pet yet, but you can reach out to them directly for more info.

Is Duck good with kids?

Duck is good with kids under the age of 5 and kids over the age of 5.

Is Duck good with other animals?

Duck is good with other dogs. It is not known if Duck is good with cats.

When can I meet Duck?

As soon as the adoption organization has a chance to review your information, they’ll reach out with next steps and timing.

When can I adopt Duck?

Time to adopt varies, but typically adoption organizations require an official application prior to adoption. If you’re a match, they’ll reach out with next steps and timing.

Duck detail page