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Daisy Mae

  • Dog
  • Labrador Retriever Mix
  • Labrador Retriever Mix
  • Westminster, MD
  • Young
  • Female
  • Medium
Westminster, MD


Vaccinations up to date, spayed / neutered.
Prefers a home without

Meet Daisy Mae

You can fill out an adoption application online on our official website.All of the animals posted on our site have been temperament tested. While not all are in the immediate area, once we have processed and approved your application, we will move the dog to our adoptive area for you to meet, greet and hopefully adopt. Sometimes we will have more than one application on a dog. That does not mean it automatically goes to another family but you should be aware of the fact that until you are approved and set up for the meet/greet.. the dog could get adopted by another applicant.Daisy Mae is a Chocolate Lab mix, she is a happy, energetic girl and does
everything with great enthusiasm! She is absolutely hilarious and will make
you laugh every single day! She is a bit stubborn just like a lab, and SUPER
smart from her other parts. When she is calm and focused, her commands are
100% spot on, she will sit, stay, come, wait, drop ect. and has a large
vocabulary, she has already learned phrases like " come, stay, sit, get in the house/car" and
will do anything for treats. She is very athletic, and needs exercise, will
happily play fetch forever. She will need a fenced yard 4 feet minimum, 5
feet better as she has a huge vertical jump. She has stayed contained so far
in a 4' fence.

She loves all her toys, especially the squeaky ones and never chews them
up, she will bring them to you one at a time! She is learning her manners
on the leash, and is in training to work on that, she completely understands
heel, and will reset perfectly then seems to forget to stay there. She would
be best with a fit person that will run or do long walks with her and be
able to manage her when she gets distracted on leash ( can we say squirrel!).
Her current foster thinks she would make a great agility dog, as she is VERY
smart, loves to run, loves a job and is very treat motivated.

Daisy Mae is crate trained. She rides well in the car, has not had a single accident in the house, has never chewed anything. She will TOTALLY counter surf so hide the cheese! ( she
loves cheese). When she has enough exercise she is very calm in the house and
happy to lay and watch you work. She wants to play during the day and then
crashes and sleeps from 7pm to 8am, she loves to cuddle with her person on
the couch.

She is dog selective, she has three female dogs that she plays really well
with, but so far has not accepted any male dogs long term. She does not like
all females either, it would be up to her current trainer to decide if she
will mesh if you currently have a dog in the home. She has been great with
several cats that are dog savvy and ignore her, but please note she is not
OK with one that runs away! Young children are not an option for this one.
She will need a firm, calm, loving understanding of her place in the
home/pack or she will think she is in charge! She is fearful of loud noises
( the terrible trash truck/fireworks) and loud voices make her anxious so
would need to live in a more quiet home/area, not a busy city street or

This dog is full of love, her antics will make you laugh daily! She will
adore you and try her hardest to please. Her foster Mom says if she were 10
years younger she would keep her!

If you are interested in Daisy Mae, please contact:


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Daisy Mae

Ask About Daisy Mae

  • Labrador Retriever
  • Young
  • Female
  • Medium

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Daisy Mae

Daisy Mae

  • Labrador Retriever
  • Young
  • Female