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Rockville, MD


Vaccinations up to date, spayed / neutered.

Meet Charley



As we are celebrating Jinx's one year birthday since we adopted him from you, we thought it would be nice to drop you a line and let you know how he is doing. We've also enclosed a recent photo of Jinx at the bottom of this note.

Jinx has become a very affectionate dog with all our family members. He loves to "snuggle" on the couch or bed, wherever we are resting. He spends every night sleeping with Julie in her bed. He's still not very comfortable around new people and will most often run to his bed if someone new comes into the house. Jinx loves to eat (he's gained 6 pounds during the past year) and go for long walks on his leash.

We are so very thankful that we found Jinx - he is truly a loved member of our family.

Adoption pending!Charley - male/neutered - 1 to 2 years of age - 14 pounds - possibly a rat terrier - toffee and white short coat

Little Charley is a fellow of immense valor, and solemn wistfulness. He is leggy and lithe, beautifully proportioned, and he prances when he walks. He is consummately gentle, deeply loving, and the ardent
affection he is able to demonstrate is all the more touching because it has required such courage and determination for Charley to express.

When we first met Charley, he bore more resemblance to a woebegone little foal than a dog, with his long legs and "flight" response to every gesture. Far from being a cowardly guy, however, he is lion-hearted in his resolve to overcome the fears and concerns that stand in the way of his beloved belly rubs, lap cuddling, and devoted face licking.

As a result, being loved by Charley is a wonderful experience, because he gives his heart so carefully and bravely.

Now that Charley is convinced that he is lovable enough to be welcomed into human arms, he delights in practicing these overtures that come so
easily to other dogs. He has also begun to sample the joy of toys, especially soft ones, and the sheer exhilaration of running as fast as he can while his foster mom and foster sibling, Sadie, cheer him on.

There may be no greater joy in fostering than being part of a process that engenders such trust and innocent pleasure for a once very frightened being.

With safety and trust have come additional possibilities for Charley - he is wonderfully playful, deeply admiring of his canine foster sister,
and seems to like all dogs very well. He is also kind to cats. He is responsive and has direct, very intent eye contact. He is thrilled by the concept of treats, and although he is already a very cooperative dog in his housetraining, he is now also learning some basic commands.

Charley is a quiet, observant dog. We know little of his past - he was either lost or dropped off in the woods, and was living on his own for a good while before he came into our care.

He will offer a devoted and earnest bond to his adopter(s), and the guileless trust of a child. His foster mom has described him as "a great big guy in a really little body." Although we generally try to
avoid prescribing a type of home environment that would be best for our dogs, and rather put our efforts into as honest a depiction of them as we can, it is probably fair to say that Charley would shine in an adult household that is calm, and one that has a benevolent, gentle dog who might benefit by the friendship and devotion that Charley has to offer.

Charley has been adopted, but if you are interested in finding a wonderful dog of your own, please visit our Web site at

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