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Caprice Chevy - RIP Schnauzer Des Moines, IA

  • Adult
  • Female
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Vaccinations up to date, spayed / neutered.
Prefers a home without

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Meet Caprice Chevy - RIP

RIP NOV-2-2016: Run free at the Rainbow Bridge, Caprice....

PUPDATE SEPT-7-2016: I would say after being with my foster family since March of this year I have settled into a routine great! I am a senior all Schnauzer personality happy girl. I am going to list some or my quirks and some of my super loveable things to see this will persuade you to give me a home. I was found as a matted up stray and after shaving me discovered that I had a 3.2 lb tumor hanging off my side and was having problems holding my bladder. Well gone is tumor and I am having no problems holding my bladder. Now, if you are going to be gone a long time I need a piddle pad laid on the floor. I can’t hold it all day! But who would expect that of a 10-12 year old girl. Oh, I almost forgot to say I am blind in one eye as well, but that does not hold me back from doing a darn thing or seeing that treat bag you get out. That’s right I love treats, nothing gets me going more than a good treat. I do love spending time frolicking in the backyard and get along with all the other members of this crazy household. I do also enjoy going for walks (though I do pull the leash some and want to chase cars). Due to not being treated well in my past, I am not big on being picked up or having my feet touched. Now that does not mean I don’t love a good rub down, kisses on the nose. Just those two things make me very leery and I could growl or snap a little. Because of my age, and being a Schnauzer and being blind in one eye I would not do good in a home with small children. I would really love it if you had a fenced in yard so I could do some sun bathing and spend my retirement years right. I'm sure that there are schnauzer lovers out there that would love to give me a furever home, so be sure to fill out an application for me soon!

PUPDATE JULY-13-2016: Well not sure why no one has any interest in me. I do promise I am a good kid.I am still happy as a plum in my foster home since no one has been interested in adopting me. I sleep on a pillow next to the bed at night and otherwise like to be curled up next to the chair or in the chair with you in the evenings. My foster Mom jokes I must be feeling a ton better cause if we are out for a walk and a car goes by I go nuts! I like to bark at the vehicle and wouldn’t mind chasing it either, but she told me I could not do that. So just want to make sure you know I am not super lazy, I like some activity going on even though I am 10 years old. If you read up on Schnauzer Personalities you will see they describe me to the tee. Yes I don’t like being picked up and my feet touched but I can’t tell you how long I have that over 3# tumor hanging off my side. Maybe I was not treated well before and those things I just did not have a good experience. But my foster Mom plays a kissing game with my nose, I love getting scratched and a good rub down.

PUPDATE JUN-25-2016: Caprice Chevy is doing so great and her body is filling out and she has been gaining weight. Caprice is a 10 yr old Schnauzer that weighs around 24 lbs. Caprice is used to a wild and crazy household and none of this bothers this gal at all. Caprice is very laid back and just rolls with the world. You would have never known that this girl was found in such bad shape and had a 3.2 lb. tumor hanging off her side. She has full recovered from everything and as you can see her hair is growing in! Caprice does currently take two Proin pills a day to help with bladder control. Caprice loves to be on the go and enjoys car rides, she does like to go for walks but does get over excited when she sees a moving car and will bark and bounce up and down. At home Caprice likes nothing more than relaxing in a bed or handing out in a chair with you

PUPDATE MAY-13-2016: Hello everyone! It's me, Chevy. I'm a 10 year old schnauzer who is still looking for her forever home! I'm doing wonderfully after recovering from surgery. I have a typical schnauzer personality. I don't really like to be picked up, but I'll come snuggle with you on my own terms. And, please don't touch my feet. They're mine.

PUPDATE APR-21-2016: Boy, oh boy! I am feeling wonderful getting that huge lipoma mass off my side. Did I tell you the surgeon said it would have been equivalent of you a human hanging and wearing a bag of rice from your groin. Not comfortable!!
I love being taken for car rides and going for walks. We are changing my age to about 10 years. And my regular vet did determine I am blind in one eye from past trauma. I have also started a daily med called Proin, it is to help with incontinence. I will go on a pee pad if the urge hits me and I cannot get outside fast enough. This could be from this big mass hanging from me for who knows how long. So we are working up my bladder strength. I don't know if I will be on this med for life or not, yet. My foster Mom said either no kids or older kids only. Being blind in one eye I could be startled by a young child being grabby.

PUPDATE MAR-31-2016: ent this Monday to a specialty veterinarian to have my lipoma removed. Before surgery, I weighed in at 18 lbs. This mass on the side of my body weighed 3.2 lbs! On the inside of me there was another baseball sized lipoma mass. The mass itself was under 2 muscle layers so I am going to pretty sore for a while and on bed rest for 2 weeks. No jumping, no stairs, basically everything! My incision looks great and it is hidden down under my side so you cannot see it from the side. My surgery cost $1398.54 and this surgery was absolutely necessary. Without having surgery the lipoma would just continue to grow in size. It was already inhibiting my walking. So I please ask of you, even if you cannot give me a home, could you please help donated to my medical costs? I still need to be spayed, shots and some teeth removed and a dental. Since it’s only been a few weeks since being in my foster home my foster parents are still getting to know my personality. So far I seem to be sweet and loving and wanting nothing but attention. BUT, I am also a Schnauzer. So you know I have to have some sass in me somewhere, at least that is what my foster mom seems to think of all schnauzers. So since they are still figuring me out, I think a home with older kids would be good. I get along with all the pets in the foster home and that includes cats and dogs!  

PUPDATE MAR-25-2016: My story begins just over a week ago I was found as stray walking the streets. I happened to approach the right person who knows my foster Mom. I was not scared one bit and went right up to him saying I need help! He dropped me off at the vets office and they started the to tackle my hair. My fur was one complete hot mess matted to my body, One eye was matted shut and then they found this big tumor on my side once they started shaving the hair off my body. The vet did blood work and x-rays to see if we could figure out what is going on. Blood work came back as liver and kidney values normal, white blood cell count normal and no signs of infection. What a great start! Now the big bulge on my side that is inhibiting my walking is a big yucky lipoma. I am going to a specialist on Monday so we can get it removed.
My foster Mom thinks once this big lipoma is removed my sassy Schnauzer side will start coming out. Since I am now getting attention,since I am craving it now! Who knew warm comfy beds and little loving and petting is all I needed to start feeling better already. After I get lipoma fixed up and I recover from that I will get going back to the regular vet to get spayed and have a few teeth removed.

Caprice's donation is $200

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Caprice Chevy - RIP

Caprice Chevy - RIP

  • Schnauzer
  • Adult
  • Female