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  • Yellow Labrador Retriever & Beagle Mix
  • Yellow Labrador Retriever & Beagle Mix
  • Rockville, MD
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Rockville, MD


Vaccinations up to date, spayed / neutered.

Meet Buddy



Buddy is doing just fine. Buddy and Sid (our other dog) get along like they've been together forever. Buddy and the boys would play outside all day if they could, and our daughter Lauren tries to dress him up. He's such a good boy that he just lies there while she puts hats on his head. He's funny, because of the eleven year difference in the two dogs' ages, he obviously has more energy. So he will run around the pool and Sid will hang out on one side and jump out at him, and Buddy just keeps on running around the pool until he comes back to Sid again. It's funny to watch them play. We couldn't ask for a better friend for us and Sid.
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This dog is a Hedgesville Hound.
Buddy - male beagle/lab mix, neutered, - 1-2 years of age - gold with some black markings short coat - 50 pounds approx.

This happy young guy is Buddy, a wonderful, old-fashioned "real" dog.

Buddy is the dog you had growing up, or dreamed of having: enthusiastic, good-natured, energetic and loving. When we imagine a family for him, we picture him racing through the yard at a family get-together, followed by laughing children, pausing only long enough to snatch a bit of hot dog that someone has left unattended.

Buddy's enthusiasms are simple, and his needs traditional: Not for him the electric fence, decorative sweater or canine aromatherapy sessions. This canine "boy next door" loves to play fetch with the tennis ball, adores a good belly rub and has learned to bring his 'biscuit ball' to the kitchen for refills. He will make a great companion on daily walks, where his beagle side can enjoy getting the scent of something and "tracking" it -- although chances are he will track you directly to a neighbor's barbeque.

The combination of lab and beagle is a stellar one and one that offers the big-dog experience in a not-quite-knee-high body. His just-a-little-too-big head tells us that there must be some Labrador Retriever in his heritage, and he faithfully shows his affection for his foster family like only a Lab can do. His manners are mostly Beagle-like in that he loves to catch a good scent when he is on a walk and he is very food oriented.

With his interest in food and good eye contact he is easy to train -- that is, when you can stop him from playing. (Playing is his absolute favorite thing in the world.) Buddy already knows basic commands, and he has learned to accept the crate when it's needed.

Despite his barrel-like Lab torso and shortish Beagle legs, Buddy can generate a surprising amount of speed when he's outside playing and loves to race around. A fenced backyard where he could romp regularly would be hound heaven for Buddy.

You have probably already gathered that Buddy is a charmer, and a dog who will shamelessly manipulate his family into getting his way. Although he has had no formal schooling, Buddy clearly possesses a genius-level ability to elicit hugs from everyone, including perfect strangers, as well as a PhD. in food reappropriation. (Buddy's definition of abandoned food is quite liberal.)

The home we envision for Buddy will welcome him wholeheartedly as a full member of the family, one whose personality and quirks are accepted and embraced. An excellent sense of humor is a must, since we anticipate that his antics will provoke hopeless laughter several times a day.

Thanks to Buddy's dogfather, Andy Steenburge!

Thanks to Buddy's dogmother, Cheryl Peppel!

Buddy has been adopted, but if you are interested in finding a wonderful dog of your own, please visit our Web site at http://www.hedgesvillehounds.com.

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  • Yellow Labrador Retriever
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