Bruce 2* (1 yr 40 lb) adoption pending 3/9 trans 1 Bruce 2* (1 yr 40 lb) adoption pending 3/9 trans 2 Bruce 2* (1 yr 40 lb) adoption pending 3/9 trans 3
Bruce 2* (1 yr 40 lb) adoption pending 3/9 trans 1

Bruce 2* (1 yr 40 lb) adoption pending 3/9 trans

  • Dog
  • Labrador Retriever & Border Collie Mix
  • Labrador Retriever & Border Collie Mix
  • Morehead, KY
  • Young
  • Male
  • Medium
Morehead, KY


Vaccinations up to date, spayed / neutered.

Meet Bruce 2* (1 yr 40 lb) adoption pending 3/9 trans

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12/15 update from foster: Bruce is a wonderful dog that craves attention and loves to please! He loves to be pet and will try to get as close as he can to whomever is petting him! Like his brother, Bear, he is still a little shy but has come such a long way from hiding in his doghouse all day! Bruce does not bark often and walks well on a leash. He does great with dogs that he is slowly introduced to. He can still get intimidated by new dogs and tends to hide in his house until the other dog leaves, unless he is given time to get to know them better. I think all he needs is just a little more time and socialization to help him realize that most dogs will not hurt him. When introduced to a young puppy, he had no issues at all. At my house, he is fine with being a lower ranking member of the pack with my three dogs. Hopefully someone soon will recognize what a great dog Bruce is and give a stable and loving home that he deserves!

He is to be neutered 11/27 and heartworm tested and other vaccinations at same time. Updated photo added, Bruce sharing his kennel with another dog and they're getting along fine.

Another update from foster: I just wanted to let you know that Bear and Bruce are good with other dogs. They both have had the opportunity to get to know my dogs through a fence and today I let them meet without the fence between them. They did great! They are both quite playful! I just think that Bruce and Bear are easily intimated and scared so their natural reaction is to be defensive. They just need time to acclimate to new dogs, people and places!

Update after 1 week in foster: He has been making great progress! It is still obvious that "new" experiences, like putting on a collar and walking on a leash, are a little frightening but he is doing so much better! Now, he actually comes up to greet me when I go out instead of moving away! He has entirely stopped growling at the other dogs and now acts friendly towards them. I think all that he needs is someone that would be willing to slowly acclimate him to new experiences and he will be great! He really is a very sweet and loveable dog!

Bio: Owner surrender 11/16 due to moving. Lab/Shepherd mix that will be 1 year old in December. Came together with sibling Big Bear. Bruce has obviously not been socialized much during his life. Him and his brother are quite scared and confused since being moved into a foster home. They are cautiously friendly with people though sudden movements will make them run away. Bruce is more shy than his brother and tends to follow his lead. They will growl at other dogs but they appear to be just scared and intimidated of them. Since obtaining them yesterday afternoon, they have growled less at the other dogs but they have not had direct contact with other dogs (only through a fence) yet. Hopefully, Bruce will become more comfortable the longer that he is here. I really think that Bruce and his brother have a lot of potential if someone would be willing to give them a chance and time to adjust. Going for vetting on the 26th.

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Bruce 2* (1 yr 40 lb) adoption pending 3/9 trans

Bruce 2* (1 yr 40 lb) adoption pending 3/9 trans

  • Labrador Retriever
  • Young
  • Male