• Dog
  • Havanese
  • Havanese
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Young
  • Male
  • Small
  • White / Cream , Black
Philadelphia, PA


Coat length
Vaccinations up to date, spayed / neutered.
Prefers a home without

Meet Bix in PA-ADOPTED

Looking for a cute watchdog that weighs 17 pounds rather than a hefty and intimidating 75-pound plus canine sentry? Bix may be your boy! Bix left the hustle bustle of a city apartment for bucolic, sleepy south central Pennsylvania. He is adapting to the slower pace and country life and gets along well with the three resident Havs, although he towers over them! Despite his 18 months, he was born on Christmas Day in 2010, Bix has not had a single accident in his foster home and he happily sits, lays down and provides either paw when asked. He is a good eater and loves his pretzel stick treats. At night he enjoys cooling his belly on the hardwood floor and happily goes into his crate for bedtime. We call Bix an imp. He enjoys demolishing toys, randomly jumping in your lap for a kiss and emptying the toy box. He is a sweet, sweet dog and a Hav that's full of energy. If you run or like to go for long walks, this is your boy. A half-mile jog through our hilly development that would wear out our Havs had Bix asking for more! During the short amount of time he has been in foster care, and, as was the case in his surrendering home, Bix seems to attach to the lady of the house. He was initially shy around the husband and teenagers in the foster home, but seems to be warming up a bit. He is not, at least not yet, a Velcro Hav. He stays close, but doesn't plaster himself next to you in a chair or on the couch, but it may come. He is a very sensitive dog and understands when he does something inappropriate and you raise your voice.  Bix is a barker and seems to exhibit what we guess is guarding behavior that is non-aggressive. If he is in the room with his foster mom and someone approaches, he barks. He does not charge, but barks loudly. But, the longer he has been here, the less time it takes to quiet him down and, he doesn't do this every time. The former owner worked with vets and behaviorists and we are trying some new techniques, but this may just be Bix. In an apartment or townhouse, the barking would be an issue. In a single family home, like his foster home, it's an inconvenience, but his adorable face and sweet personality far outweigh the auditory annoyance. But, he has only been in foster care for less than three weeks, so it's early in the game. At first we thought Bix might do best in a home with just a woman present, but we have amended that requirement, as he's spent more time in our home. We believe a couple would be fine, but the male in the home should be pretty laid back and the home situation fairly quiet with a regular routine. Another dog would be fine and respectful teens are okay, too. But, wherever Bix lands it will have to be in a home with lots of love and patience. Young children and lots of disruption in the home, we feel, would just increase the barking and Bix's ability to move ahead and progress. Since he is so smart, obedience training and it's structure will improve his confidence and ability to adapt to changing situations.  Bix is being fostered in PA. A donation will be requested to adopt this dog. The recommended donation amount will be based on the dog's age, and medical and behavioral issues, if any. You must complete an application which can be found on our website at You will not be considered until we have the completed application.

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