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Betsy’s FAQs

What is PAWS Chicago’s adoption process?

To adopt a cat or dog from PAWS Chicago:     - Be at least 21 years of age.     - Have a U.S. government-issued photo ID, such as a driver's license or state ID     - Verify that you are allowed to have a cat/dog where you currently live.     - Be able to spend the time and resources necessary to provide the training, medical treatment and proper care for your cat.     - Bring along all family members (including children) to meet the cat/dog(s).     - Be able to take the cat/dog home on the day of adoption.     - Have the time to spend up to an hour with an adoption counselor to discuss the responsibility of owning a cat/dog and making it a lifetime commitment. Adoption Fee: Dogs and Puppies: • Up to 1 Year Old - $350 Adoption Fee + $100 Training Deposit ($450 total)* • 1-7 Years Old - $250 Adoption Fee + $100 Training Deposit ($350 total)* • 8+ Years Old - $200 Adoption Fee. No Training Deposit. *Includes a $100 deposit that is refundable upon completion of positive reinforcement obedience training within 4 months of the adoption date. When you provide documentation that your PAWS dog has completed a positive reinforcement training course a reimbursement request will be processed. Cats and Kittens: • Kittens Less than 1 Year - $150 / Kitten • 2 Kittens Less than 1 Year - $250 for the Pair • Cats 1-5 Years old - $100 • Cats 6-9 Years old - $75 • Cats 10+ Years old - $50

What is Betsy’s adoption fee?


Is Betsy good with kids?

Betsy is good with kids under the age of 5 and kids over the age of 5.

Is Betsy good with other animals?

Betsy is not good with other dogs. Betsy is good with cats.

When can I meet Betsy?

As soon as the adoption organization has a chance to review your information, they’ll reach out with next steps and timing.

When can I adopt Betsy?

Time to adopt varies, but typically adoption organizations require an official application prior to adoption. If you’re a match, they’ll reach out with next steps and timing.

Betsy detail page