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Apawlo Anton OH-NO Maltese Mix Des Moines, IA

  • Young
  • Male
  • Small


Spayed / neutered, special needs.
Prefers a home without

Meet Apawlo Anton OH-NO

ADOPTED MAY 2-10: Our little Apawlo has picked out his family! WAHOOOOOOO! His new family is ready, willing, and able to work with his special needs and they adore him so, so much. Gooooooo, Apawlo! We love you!!!

Apawlo will be headed to Ohio tomorrow with the help of lots of wonderful people who are willing to give up part of their Saturday just so this little twerp can get to Ant Debi. Keep your paws crossed that he can be helped.

The good news is that he no longer needs to have his bladder expressed - he goes on his own even though he doesn't know when he's going. Hey! That's a big deal for this little guy. : )

Thank you to all the amazing, generous people who have made donations so that he won't have to get a dishwashing job to pay his bills. We can't thank you enough. I hope that we've collected enough but depending on what he needs, well, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. THANK YOU!!

PUPDATE APR 14-10: Our little Apawlo is going to Ohio to be evaluated at the State Veterinary School thanks to Ant Debi!! We're hoping that there's something that can be done for him and it's going to be expensive - any help you can give us would be appreciated.

He's doing really well in his foster home and they love him to pieces.

PUPDATE MAR 29-10: Apawlo isn't ready to go to his new home just yet. He's getting acupawncture and we have a few more things we need to have done for him before he can find a home. If you're interested in him, fill out the application but be prepared to be patient.

MAR 10-10: Meet little Apawlo Anton OH-NO! Thanks to Ant Karey and her sister, this little guy was saved and they drove for 3 hours tonight to get him to Hotel Jordan. A victim of an adolescent's rage, little Apawlo was choked and slammed up against a wall several times resulting in loss of bladder control and the use of his back legs.

Apawlo is only 4 years young and weighs just 4 pounds - tiny little fella. The dogtor has prescribed lots of crate rest for the next several weeks to see if the damage to Apawlo's spinal cord can be healed. I'll have to learn how to express his bladder (Apawlo's, not the dogtor's) but the dogtor has assured me I can learn. I have my first lesson today when I pick the little fella up.

This little fluffy butt may also be a candidate for surgery in the future but we won't know that for several weeks. We also won't know if he will eventually need a cart but for now, we'll just give him time. Send prayers and lots of good wishes for him.

Apawlo's adoption donation is $400.
If you'd like to help FluffyButts help more homeless kids AND get "Modern Dog," a great magazine, please CLICK HEREPlease be patient with us - we're taking care of a lot of kids - our own and the foster kids - and we have families, homes and full time jobs. We're giving meds to the sick kids, playing with the healthy kids, and loving on all the kids. We're doing their laundry, trying to teach them manners and where to do their business, and cleaning up their accidents. In other words, we're just a little busy but we'll return email inquiries just as fast as we pawssibly can. Thanks! ADOPTIONS: We don't let the fact that you might live out of state stop any adoption that's meant to be, but you MUST be willing to drive, or fly, all the way to pick up your new family member. We do not ship these kids on airplanes by themselves - we think they'd have a hard time getting through security without their rabies tag setting off the metal detectors. If the kid needs a health certificate because they're flying home, that will be an expense for the new family.
ADOPTION DONATIONS: When you see the adoption donation amounts, we'd like you to know that 90% of the time the donation amount doesn't even come close to covering that kid's dogtor bills. This is definitely not a money-making venture. We're usually so far in the hole but the impawtant thing is to get these kids the medical care they need and help them find the pawfect family. That's our top pawority. (I just can't resist using "paw" whenever I can!)

POTTY TRAINING: Please note that we NEVER say our kids are 100% potty-trained. How stupid would we be to say something like that? If you're willing to be trained by your new family member, please fill out an application. If you're looking for a totally potty-trained kid, you may as well stop at the toy store on your way home from work and buy a stuffed toy because those are the only reliable ones to NOT potty in your home. There is a period of adjustment, not just for the new family member but for everyone in the house. You must be patient, understanding, and willing to work with your new family member. It can take anywhere from several days to several months. You must be 100% committed to this, it's a lifetime commitment.

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