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Dog Breeds

Irish Terrier Dog Breed

Irish Terrier

Called the daredevil of dogdom, the Irish terrier is brash, bold, assertive, playful, inquisitive, independent, strong-willed ...
Read more about the Irish Terrier dog breed.

Irish Water Spaniel Dog Breed

Irish Water Spaniel

The Irish water spaniel goes at everything in life with gusto and enthusiasm. He loves to swim, run, hunt and play and needs a ...
Read more about the Irish Water Spaniel dog breed.

Irish Wolfhound Dog Breed

Irish Wolfhound

Aptly known as the gentle giant, the Irish Wolfhound is a soft-natured, easygoing breed. He is calm around the house, sensitive, ...
Read more about the Irish Wolfhound dog breed.

Italian Greyhound Dog Breed

Italian Greyhound

A sighthound in a small package, the Italian greyhound shares her larger relatives' characteristics. She loves to run and chase. ...
Read more about the Italian Greyhound dog breed.

Jack Russell Terrier Dog Breed

Jack Russell Terrier

This is a dog that thrives on action and adventure. In the process, he often finds himself in the middle of trouble. He is a ...
Read more about the Jack Russell Terrier dog breed.

Japanese Chin Dog Breed

Japanese Chin

The Japanese Chin is a devoted companion, relishing a warm lap as much as a boisterous game. He is sensitive and willing to ...
Read more about the Japanese Chin dog breed.

Keeshond Dog Breed


The Keeshond combines many traits of the best house dogs: fairly energetic and playful, very attentive and loving, and ready for ...
Read more about the Keeshond dog breed.

Kerry Blue Terrier Dog Breed

Kerry Blue Terrier

A versatile terrier, the Kerry blue's personality is multifaceted. She can guard, hunt, herd or just be a fun-loving companion. ...
Read more about the Kerry Blue Terrier dog breed.

Komondor Dog Breed


Bred as an independent protector of livestock, the komondor is true to his heritage. He is an independent thinker and can be ...
Read more about the Komondor dog breed.

Kuvasz Dog Breed


Despite his sweet looks, the kuvasz is a tough protector, fearlessly defending his family or home. He is gentle with and ...
Read more about the Kuvasz dog breed.

< 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 All dog breeds >

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