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Adopt a Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier Dog Breed

Picture: Yann Arthus-Bertrand/Corbis



Area of origin:


Original function:

small vermin-hunting

Average size of male:

Ht: 8-9, Wt: <7

Average size of female:

Ht: 8-9, Wt: <7

Other names:


  • •••••


  • ••


  • •••••


  • ••••


  • •••

    Friendliness towards dogs

  • Friendliness towards other pets

  • ••••

    Friendliness towards strangers

  • •••

    Ease of training

  • ••••••

    Watchdog ability

  • ••

    Protection ability

  • •••••


  • •••

    Cold tolerance

  • ••••

    Heat tolerance

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Yorkshire Terrier Dog Temperament

The Yorkshire Terrier seems oblivious of her small size, ever eager for adventure and trouble. She is busy, inquisitive, bold, stubborn. Although some tend to bark a lot, she can easily be taught not to do so.

Yorkshire Terrier Dog Care

Yorkies tend to exercise themselves within the home, but they also need to have interaction in the form of games. They appreciate a short walk outdoors on leash and enjoy the chance to explore a safe area. This is definitely not a dog that can live outdoors. The long coat needs brushing or combing every day or two.

Yorkshire Terrier Dog Health

Major concerns: portacaval shunt, tracheal collapse, Leggs it was fashionable to crop the ears of many terriers, but in 1889 the Irish Terrier Club of England banned ear cropping in the breed. The ruling was to have far-reaching implications for all dogs because it instigated the debate about ear cropping and eventually led to the abolition of cropped ears in all breeds shown in England.Perthes
Minor concerns: patellar luxation
Occasionally seen: PRA
Suggested tests: liver ultrasound, (knee), (eye)
Life span: 14-16 years

Interested in the history of the Yorkshire Terrier dog breed?

The Yorkshire Terrier doesn't look like a product of the working class, nor does she look like a ratter, but she is both. In fact, the Yorkshire area of England is known for producing fine animals, and she is thought that the Yorkie was no accident but rather the result of purposeful crosses between a variety of terriers, probably including the Waterside Terrier, Clydesdale Terrier, Paisley Terrier, rough-coated English Black and Tan Terrier, and perhaps even the Skye Terrier, Dandie Dinmont Terrier, and Maltese. The Waterside Terrier was one of her major progenitors; these were small blue-gray dogs with fairly long hair, usually weighing around 10 pounds, brought from Scotland by weavers. Because of her modest roots, the Yorkshire Terrier was initially looked down upon by the wealthier dog fanciers. Even the most snobbish could not deny the breed's obvious beauty, however, and in short order, Yorkies were gracing show rings and the laps of wealthy mistresses. By 1880, Yorkies had come to America, but the breed varied so much in size that there was great confusion concerning how big a Yorkshire Terrier should be. Many of these early Yorkies weighed between 12 and 14 pounds. By 1900, fanciers on both sides of the Atlantic had decided that the small size was preferable and made a concerted effort to breed a smaller Yorkie with even longer coat. They were successful, and the modern Yorkshire Terrier is one of the smaller and most luxuriously coated dogs in existence. These traits, along with her terrier heritage, have placed her as a consistent favorite with pet parents and show fanciers alike.

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Shelters with Yorkshire Terrier Dogs

Some animal welfare organizations with Yorkshire Terriers ready for adoption:

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