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Adopt an Ibizan Hound

Ibizan Hound Dog Breed

Picture: Kent and Donna Dannen


Sighthound, Southern (pariah), primitive

Area of origin:

Ibiza (Balaeric Islands)

Original function:

hunting rabbits

Average size of male:

Ht: 23.5-27.5, Wt: 50

Average size of female:

Ht: 22.5-26, Wt: 45

Other names:

podenco Ibicenco, ca Eibisenc, Balaeric dog

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Ibizan Hound Dogs Available on Petfinder Right Now

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Ibizan Hound Dog Temperament

The graceful Ibizan Hound retains great hunting instinct, using his acute senses of hearing and smell to locate small animals, and relishing the opportunity to chase anything that moves. Unlike most Sighthounds, he barks when chasing. He is gentle, mild-mannered, even-tempered and loyal, and makes a quiet, trustworthy house pet.

Ibizan Hound Dog Care

As an independent and athletic dog, the Ibizan Hound needs daily exercise in a safe area. Ideal exercise allows the dog to stretch out at full speed, but his needs can also be met with long walks or jogs on leash, combined with an occasional chance to run full out. The Ibizan is not kept as an outside dog and he is a skilled jumper, which should be taken into consideration when designing an enclosure. The smooth coat requires only occasional brushing, whereas the wire coat requires weekly brushing as well as occasional hand-plucking of dead hairs.

Ibizan Hound Dog Health

Major concerns: none
Minor concerns: none
Occasionally seen: deafness
Suggested tests: none
Life span: 12-14 years
Note: sensitive to anesthesia

Interested in the history of the Ibizan Hound dog breed?

The Ibizan Hound probably shares the same roots as the Pharaoh Hound, bearing uncanny resemblance to the dogs depicted in Egyptian tombs and to the jackal god Anubis. Phoenician sea traders may have taken the dogs to the island of Ibiza in ancient times, where they remained in relative seclusion. Ibiza saw many rulers through the ages, coming under the auspices of the Egyptians, Chaldeans, Carthaginians, Romans, Vandals, Arabs and, most recently, Spanish. Hannibal was born on a neighboring island, and some say the Ibizan Hound was the dog that accompanied him across the Alps. With little outside influence, the dogs of Ibiza remain uncontaminated by crosses to other breeds. The hard conditions on the island imposed stringent selection by islanders because only the best rabbit hunters could be allowed to procreate or, for that matter, survive. These factors produced a hardy, true breeding dog that is little changed from its ancestral stock. The first Ibizan Hound came to America in the 1950s. The breed's striking appearance aroused much attention but has failed to attract a great number of pet owners. The Ibizan Hound gradually gained enough popularity to warrant AKC recognition in 1979, but he remains one of the rarer breeds.

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Shelters with Ibizan Hound Dogs

Some animal welfare organizations with Ibizan Hounds ready for adoption:

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