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Petfinder’s Funniest Cat Contest FAQs

Have a question about Petfinder’s Funniest Cat Contest? Check out our frequently asked questions below!

What is Petfinder’s Funniest Cat Contest?

Are your adopted cat’s silly antics worthy of internet fame? As part of our I am a Cat Parent campaign, we’re disproving the idea that cats aren’t fun – or funny – and you can help! Enter a photo or video of your cat in all his hilarious glory for a chance to win a $250 gift card for you and a $4,500 donation to the Petfinder adoption group of your choice!


How can I enter?

Simply upload a photo or video and description of your cat in all his hilarious glory between April 22-May 21, 2013.


When is the entry period?

Photos and videos with descriptions may be entered for a chance to win between April 22-May 21, 2013.


What could I win?

The grand prize winner will receive a $250 gift card and a $4,500 donation to the Petfinder adoption group of his or her choice.


How many times can I enter?

There is no limit to the number of times someone can enter the contest, just be sure you enter your full entry. No edits or removals will be made after you submit an entry.


How can I select which shelter gets the donation?

As you enter your pet, simply select the shelter you wish to receive the donation in the dropdown menu. If you are the grand prize winner, this shelter will receive the donation.


Why isn’t the shelter I want to select showing up?

To be part of the contest, groups that list adoptable pets on Petfinder need to have their account permissions set up to be shared with Petfinder partners. To change their permissions, any group can log into their own account and mark it to share their pet list data. Their group will then be displayed in the contest drop down in approximately 24 hours. (If you contact the shelter or rescue and they have any questions, they can contact


Can I edit or change my entry?

We’re sorry, but we cannot allow entries to be edited after they’ve been submitted.


I posted a duplicate entry. Can I remove one?

We’re sorry, but we cannot remove duplicate entries.


How will the winner be picked?

From May 22, 2013 to June 22, 2013, members of the public will be able to vote on the cat that he/she feels is the funniest cat. Limit one vote per person, per day. The entry with the highest number of votes will be designated the Grand Prize Winner.


Where can I vote?

On May 22, 2013, entrants will be posted to the Funniest Cat Contest page and voting will be enabled.


When does voting start/end?

Voting starts May 22, 2013 and ends June 22, 2013


How can I find my entry?

Simply put your pet’s name in the search field next to “See the Funniest Cats Around.” This will return all the pets with that name and you can find yours.


How many times can I vote?

We’ve taken steps to limit the possibility of cheating. Part of this is limiting voting to one vote per person, per day. Voters must accurately fill in the captcha on the page.


Why can’t I vote?

If you are having trouble voting and using a public computer, please try again on a personal computer. If you are still unable to vote, please contact us.


Can I see how many votes an entry has or who is winning?

You can see the top ten pets with the most votes each day after casting your vote. We do not include a list of how many votes each pet has.


Why don’t you verify email addresses?

We want to make voting as easy as possible for individuals who want to help pets. Adding an email verification to the process would significantly increase the barrier to voting and we’ve decided not to require it. However, we have taken steps to reduce the likelihood of cheating, including the captcha on the voting screen and other technical measures that can’t been seen on the page. The use of automated voting methods is strictly prohibited and suspect votes will be disqualified at Petfinder’s sole determination and discretion.

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