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Cat Problems

  • Cat Scratch Fever

    Does your cat seem to scratch on everything and anything? Learn why and find out how you can help.

  • Missing The Box

    You bought a big litter box and your cat still seems to pee outside of it. Find out why and get tips to help.

Whether tabletops, counters or infant changing tables, cats like platforms from which they can view their territory. If your cat has is drawn to forbidden surfaces, learn how to keep them away here.

Fleeing for the safety of the nearest piece of furniture when company comes may be an indicator that your cat is under socialized. Learn more about feline socialization and how to improve it here.

Feline elimination problems are the No. 1 most common cat issue. It is estimated that one out of every 10 cats will have lapses at some point in his life. Find out what to do if your cat lapses here.

A cat’s claws are the Swiss Army knife of the feline toolbox. Find out why a cat’s claws are important and how to manage the damaged caused by cat claws.

Urine marking is a method of olfactory signaling that may lay claim to territory, assert status, offer sexual availability or indicate stress or frustration. Learn more about feline spraying here.

Conflict between resident cats can be difficult to resolve and can take a lot of patience and time to resolve. Find out what to do if your cats don’t get along here.

If your cat is marking his territory around the house, find out why he is doing so and how you can fix the problem.

By tooth and nail, indoor cats can cause tremendous household destruction. Find out how to handle feline destruction here.

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