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Cat Problems

  • Cat Scratch Fever

    Does your cat seem to scratch on everything and anything? Learn why and find out how you can help.

  • Missing The Box

    You bought a big litter box and your cat still seems to pee outside of it. Find out why and get tips to help.

It’s not easy to keep cats and plants in the same space, but with some inventiveness, it is possible. Find out how to safeguard plants from cats here.

If your cat tends to have a lot of energy during the night, find out how to calm him down.

Cats can have strong preferences about their litter boxes. Read this article to learn to identify your cat’s preferences

When cats stop using their litter boxes, it is usually for one of two broad reasons. Read tips for encouraging your cat to start using his box again here.

Urination and defecation outside the litter box is the most common feline behavior problem. Find out why cats may resort to this behavior and how to treat it.

As your cat undergoes adolescence, behavior once giggled over may now be seen as obnoxious. Learn why your cat engages in behaviors such as spraying, estrus, scratching, and more and how to handle it.

Biting in kittens is similar to biting behavior in puppies. It’s not about aggression, it’s about youngsters using their mouths to explore their environments. Learn how to stop kitten biting here.

Protect your furniture and keep your cat happy with these tips for preventing cat scratching.

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