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Symptoms of Feline Stomatitis

The main symptom of feline stomatitis is extreme oral pain. Your cat might demonstrate this in any or all of the following ways:

  • Pawing at his mouth or rubbing his face against furniture
  • Drooling; the drool may be tinged with blood
  • Avoiding food completely, or trying to eat, but stopping abruptly or crying when eating
  • Ceasing to groom himself
Symptoms of Feline Stomatitis


Because the pain makes eating difficult, your cat may be losing weight. In addition, his breath will smell bad, and his gums may look red and inflamed.

You also may notice other behavioral changes: Your cat may act aggressively, particularly when you touch him or offer food. He may hide under furniture, an instinctive reaction (in the wild, an injured or ill cat takes cover to avoid becoming a target for predators).

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