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Cat Behavior And Training

  • Litter Training 101

    Learn the basics of litter training to teach your cat where to go.

  • Does Size Matter?

    How big your litter box is will depend on various factors. Find out how to determine the best size.

As your fluffy, well-pampered cat settles in a cushy spot for her third nap of the day, it’s hard to believe that she’s a super athlete who can run faster, jump higher, and out-maneuver any of us, should it be required of her.   Admire Your Feline Athlete As your fluffy, well-pampered cat settles in a cushy spot for her …

Think fetching is just for dogs? Think again! Find out why cats play fetch and how you can teach your cat to do it. Just search the web for “cat plays fetch,” and you’ll be treated to tons of funny cat videos featuring rousing games of feline fetch with everything from a tennis ball to a crumpled scrap of paper. So …

Find out what we know about how cats see us, and how we may actually look through their eyes.   Have you ever looked into your cat’s eyes and wondered what she sees when she looks at you? Cats see humans very differently from the way most humans see themselves. Their view is uniquely feline, and understanding it may help …

It seems that kneading is a relaxing activity for cats – many will purr contentedly, “zone out” and some may even drool while they do it. But why does it soothe them?

Did you know cats can be trained to walk on a leash, give high fives and even play fetch? Check out these five practical tips for training your cat to do any trick!

Litter box odor can be the toughest part of living with a cat. Read our six tips to help control litter box odor in your home.

Litter boxes don’t have to be boring. Discover five litter boxes we think look stylish and smart.

No one likes finding cat litter tracked all across a floor. Learn how to prevent tracking and keep your floors clean!

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