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5 Fun Pieces of Litter Box Furniture

By Jane Harrell

We’ve scoured the web for some of the most appealing, stylish and cat-friendly pieces of litter box furniture around. Why? Because we want your cat — and you — to love his litter box.

5 Fun Pieces of Litter Box Furniture


Check out these fun ways you can turn your litter box from an eyesore to a work of art (well, almost):

Cat Washroom Nightstand by Merry Products
Cats often prefer uncovered litter boxes, however if your cat is okay with using a covered litter box, consider this wooden cabinet that doubles as a nightstand or bathroom cabinet. The large opening at the front provides lots of ventilation and is big enough for even king-sized cats to stand tall inside.

Litter Hider/Bed by Modern Cat
This box’s sleek exterior is only made better by the cat-friendly design inside. Ventilation holes in the back of the cabinet help keep your cat’s box aerated and bright. If you have more than one cat, these ventilation slats can also be cut out to provide a second escape route for nervous cats. (This can help you avoid litter box issues down the road.)

DIY Litter Box Hider
If you spend your days sweeping up litter from around the house, check out this do-it-yourself Ikea hack featured on Modern Cat’s blog. The built-in litter mat will help cut down on the pesky litter around the house and there is a motion-activated LED light inside the box.

Semi-DIY Kitty-Shaped Cabinet Cutout
If you have a spacious cabinet at floor level that you can spare, consider this simple project. Add in the LED light from Sari’s design above and your cat will thank you!

ZenHaus Modern Litter Box Enclosure by DenHaus
This designer litter box holder has plenty of ventilation and even a built-in skylight for the comfort of your kitty. What’s not to love?

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