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Ruby’s FAQs

What is Southern Counties Rescue Inc.’s adoption process?

Every adoption organization has their own process, but typically they’ll invite you to fill out a formal application based on your information. Then they’ll guide you through next steps.

What is Ruby’s adoption fee?

The adoption organization hasn’t provided fee details on this pet yet, but you can reach out to them directly for more info.

Is Ruby good with kids?

Ruby is good with kids under the age of 5 and kids over the age of 5.

Is Ruby good with other animals?

Ruby is good with other cats. It is not known if Ruby is good with dogs.

When can I meet Ruby?

As soon as the adoption organization has a chance to review your information, they’ll reach out with next steps and timing.

When can I adopt Ruby?

Time to adopt varies, but typically adoption organizations require an official application prior to adoption. If you’re a match, they’ll reach out with next steps and timing.

Ruby detail page