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Peaches Domestic Short Hair Milwaukee, WI

  • Adult
  • Female
  • Small
  • Calico


, Affectionate, Loyal, Playful, Curious, Funny, loving, sweet, darling
Vaccinations up to date, spayed / neutered, special needs.
Prefers a home without
Other cats, dogs, children.

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Meet Peaches

*Please read entire bio to see if you are a match for what we and our family member are looking for before inquiring*

Meet precious Peaches (or "Peachy" as her friends call her)! Peaches is an 10 year old calico domestic short hair Milwaukee Pets Alive (MPA) rescued from Milwaukee Animal Control. Her cuteness meter is off the charts! We call her our “Little Red Haired Girl” (a nod to Charlie Brown) as she has a patch of orange fur on her head where humans have hair on theirs. She has gorgeous pale green eyes. Peaches is often seen with her mouth slightly open so you can see her tiny front teeth, sometimes accompanied by her tongue sticking out just a little. She’ll do this when she’s laying on her back, fully immersed in and enjoying a good cat nap or when she’s upside down, rolling around in delight because she’s so happy to be in the company of her favorite human!

Peaches originally came to us a young, 1 year old mother cat with a 3 week old kitten. Once her kitten was old enough to find her forever home, it was time for Peaches to find the same – and we thought she did. After having an adoptive home for 5 YEARS, we received a call that her adopter didn’t want her anymore and Peaches was returned to us through no fault of her own. We went to pick her up and little Peaches, bright-eyed and happy, rubbed up against our volunteer, lovingly nudging her, none the wiser that that day, the human she gave all of her heart and love to was done with her. Or maybe she did know. Maybe the excitement our volunteer shared with Peaches when she saw her, the sweet words she spoke to her, and the affection she returned, Peaches knew where she’ll always be loved and she'd get the chance to find an adopter who would appreciate her for the extraordinary friend and companion she is.

MPA’s rescued animals live in foster homes as loved members of our MPA family who'll always love them. That love doesn’t stop once they are adopted. We trust our adopters with our animals’ hearts and with the humans’ hearts that love them. We trusted and Peaches’, and our, trust was broken. We clearly got it wrong back then, but our village is here to ensure we get it right now for Peaches and all that adore her.

“Best friend” and “loyal companion” is how those that know Peaches describe her. She’s so sweet and affectionate – all she wants is to be with her human – which when you spend time with her and see that, makes what she has gone through by the person she trusted and loved unconditionally all the more heartbreaking.

Peaches loves people and gets so excited when her foster mom is with her or when a volunteer comes to visit. When you first arrive home, she likes if you lay on the floor so she can walk the length of you, rubbing against you, pushing her head into you, purring the entire time, and “singing” and “talking” for several minutes to show you how happy she is to see you. Peaches will follow you from room to room, trotting close behind to be where you are – and it will melt your heart! She really knows how to make a human feel loved and important!

We can’t emphasize enough what a treasure Peaches is! Her friendship is something we humans search to find in our own species but rarely do so to call Peaches a friend is a real gift. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing together, she’s content just being with you. Doing housework, on your phone, reading, or watching TV – Peaches will be there, enjoying your company, and all her humans can attest, we enjoy and look forward to being in HER company! Hanging out with you makes her so happy!

Peaches is funny and silly, too! Our volunteer was surfing the internet on her phone, and Peaches laid down beside her, looking into the small screen with her. She laughed (can Peaches get any more adorable?) and looked back and Peaches was laying with her back legs sprawled out like a frog! She said it reminded her of 2 girlfriends pouring over the pages of a gossip magazine because then again, that’s what best friends do.

The cuteness doesn’t stop there! Peaches is very busy at night…bringing foster mom “gifts” by collecting all her small toys from other rooms and leaving them at the foot of her bed!

As a cat who eats a species-appropriate wet and raw diet (that her adopter must continue) Peaches has a lot of energy! She's very playful and active. Her favorite toys are wand toys - actually, she loves the "stick" end of the toy that her humans make "pop out" from under her cat cube, etc. on the floor for her to pounce on. She's also into foam balls and wants someone who will toss them for her to chase and spike! She needs a human who is willing and able to get on the floor with her to play her favorite way for at least 30 minutes a day. She's fun to play with - you'll have as much fun as she does!

When Peaches’ person(s) leaves the home, or is somewhere in the house where she cannot be by them, she'll start to cry (sometimes mournfully!). Many cats do this (though their people aren’t always aware of it after they depart and close the door) because cats are very attached to the people they love, and Peaches being so people-oriented, that's definitely the case. She'll usually quiet down after a few minutes, but Peaches’ person(s) should appreciate a talkative feline who expresses herself through vocalizations.

While Peaches isn’t a lap cat, she loves to cuddle when you sit down. She'll immediately plop down next to you and has to be touching you somewhere! She'll also sit in between your legs! When sitting with you, she'll purr for an hour straight - she's just so happy you're with her - it's very sweet! Peaches has a seemingly endless variety of sleeping poses: on her back, mouth slightly open; head on your outstretched arm; her legs sprawled over any place on your body as if you are her personal ottoman (see photo); “spooning” (she’s the little spoon); or resting her head on your leg while you read a book. Your intent may be to read or watch a movie, but you may find yourself watching how cutely she sleeps and dreams instead.

Peaches gets overstimulated by touch when she is up and active. We learned this overstimulation also extends to sound when her foster mom had a friend over who was quite loud and Peaches was visibly anxious and unsettled, moving from room to room trying to calm herself. To cats that get overstimulated, touch can be uncomfortable. Therefore, when Peaches is alert and engaged, for the most part, she doesn't enjoy, and doesn't want to be pet or touched. When it's time to relax and/or time for bed however, Peaches' nervous system seems to also relax. While not an on-your-lap cat, she is an on-your-chest cat and will sleep on you for hours at a time! During this time, she also really enjoys gentle, broad petting and will seek it from you! Routine is very helpful to Peaches to know when it's time to calmly settle in so she can enjoy the connection of petting, too. Animals are always “speaking” to us in their species-specific language and communicating their feelings, likes, and dislikes. Peaches will vocalize when she is being pet (if she doesn’t want to be) and sometimes her skin will “crawl” or tense up when she’s not enjoying the touch or has had too much. Peaches is very expressive using body language (especially her ears and tail) to communicate when she’s not in the mood for touch. She'll nudge you with her head when she does want to be pet and is very good at “self-petting.” It’s our duty when given the great privilege of sharing our world with an animal companion to learn that species’ “language” and respect what they are telling us. Peaches needs a mom and/or dad who will be attentive to, and respectful of, her communications indicating when she wants petting, or not, and will follow her lead because she does such a great job of communicating her desires. As such, Peaches seeks an adult-only home - one with a quiet person or couple who aren't going to have kids or whose children are grown and out of the home.

Peaches gets stressed and upset by other animals. She loves people and wants and needs to be the only animal in the home for always where she can be the center of your attention!

Change is hard on all animals, and Peaches has been through a lot. Therefore, Peaches is looking for a stable home environment with a person or persons who are established in their life and residence.

Peaches’ favorite thing in the world is to spend time with her human(s), so she’s looking for someone(s) who wants to spend time with her, too, and recognizes how lucky they are to have such a loving, faithful friend. Someone who's rarely home outside of work would not be the best match for her. Someone(s) who enjoy spending time at home would be purrfect for Peaches!

It feels wonderful to be adored by such a darling, kind, and devoted being. Peaches is a little doll, an amazing soul, the best sidekick a human could have - and our MPA family wants her to have her own TRUE forever mom and/or dad who understands what family really means - the kind she deserved all along. We love Peaches so much. Will you love her, too?

Companion animals are family. They're not less than or any different from human family members and should be regarded as such. Family is forever. You never give up on or abandon family. We seek those adopters who share the same philosophy and feel the same way about these most incredible beings. If you live in Southeast WI and have what Peaches is looking for and will promise to love her always, (and know you’re lucky to have the opportunity to do so), SEND US AN EMAIL to telling us about yourself and detailing what you can provide our family member, Peaches! (inquiries that don't include this will not be considered). We can't determine potential matches from the short "Introduce Yourself" form and inquiries coming that way won't be considered. Peaches' adoption fee is $70.
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