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Junebug’s FAQs

What is Kitten Associates’s adoption process?

• Adopters must be over the age of 22 years old with a legal I.D. • We're a "no kibble" rescue and require adopters to feed either or both a low carb, high protein, canned (wet) diet or a fresh diet (raw). We will guide all adopters onto food options (there are many to choose from) or they can opt to make their own (affordable and easy to do). Did you know that raw-fed cats don't have stinky poo? • Must be financially prepared and able to to provide annual vet visits for their cat/kitten even if they seem healthy. • Our web site has more information about our adoption policies in greater detail.

What is Junebug’s adoption fee?

The adoption organization hasn’t provided fee details on this pet yet, but you can reach out to them directly for more info.

Is Junebug good with kids?

Junebug is not good with kids under the age of 5 and kids over the age of 5.

Is Junebug good with other animals?

Junebug is not good with dogs. It is not known if Junebug is good with cats.

When can I meet Junebug?

As soon as the adoption organization has a chance to review your information, they’ll reach out with next steps and timing.

When can I adopt Junebug?

Time to adopt varies, but typically adoption organizations require an official application prior to adoption. If you’re a match, they’ll reach out with next steps and timing.

Junebug detail page