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The results are in, and I’m proud to announce that Molly is a great American mini-mutt! I would have bet a bag of dog treats that Chihuahua would show up in Molly’s heritage. However, there were no results for her primary and secondary breeds, which means her parents were mutts as well. Still, Canine Heritage found a real surprise “in …

Chloe’s digging habits and body shape lead me to think that she may have some hound blood, perhaps Beagle. Her head looks more like a herding dog — maybe an Australian Shepherd or Border Collie? But that doesn’t account for her large curled and fluffy tail, which looks like it could belong to a dog in the Spitz family.

So several weeks after sending Chewy’s cheek swab to the makers of the Canine Heritage Breed Test, the mailman brought me a lovely certificate with a photo of Chewy’s equally lovely face printed right on it. And while 50% of the results were somewhat expected the other 50% were quite surprising!

My rescue dog Chewy has submitted his dog DNA for testing! Can you guess his breed?

Many of us thought Bingo, a “What’s That Mutt?” alumni, was a Schnauzer. See Bingo’s results. UPDATE: Entries for the What’s That Mutt feature are now closed. Please stay tuned to the Petfinder blog for more great features and giveaways to come! Do people stop you on the street to ask what kind of dog you have? Are even pet …