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The Daily Fetch

Mario, my Chunky Monkey bunny

by Sandra, guest contributor, Mario's biped • Sep 16 , 2013

Mario has slowed down a little over the nine years we’ve spent together. However I have plenty of great tales to tell of his energetic exploits when he was younger. My nickname for Mario used to be, “Chunky Monkey.” He would often eat things first and think later.

The Daily Fetch

Rabbits are the best snoozers

by Sandra, guest contributor, Mario's biped • Sep 04 , 2013

If Mario had to apply for a job somewhere, he is most fit for the position of “Professional Napper.”  This rabbit sleeps the majority of the day.  Rabbits are crepuscular which means they are most active at dawn and dusk. Mario has skewed his schedule a bit to be most active in the morning when I first get up and …

The Daily Fetch

This rabbit loves his toys

by Sandra, guest contributor, Mario's biped • Aug 13 , 2013

Everyone loves to have toys and rabbits are no exception. It takes a little bit of experimenting to see what your bunny enjoys. For example, Mario is not into cardboard. Some bunnies love to remodel their cardboard boxes adding windows and doors. Mario will jump up onto a box but he doesn’t care to make any renovations.

The Daily Fetch

Yes, you can train a rabbit!

by Sandra, guest contributor, Mario's biped • May 31 , 2013

Many people are surprised when I mention that you can train a rabbit. Even the fact that Mario uses a litter box raises some eyebrows. Litter box training really just capitalizes on a rabbit’s natural instinct to do all their business in one location. But hey, it is a great trait they have and I won’t complain about that.

The Daily Fetch

I would hop 500 miles

by Sandra, guest contributor, Mario's biped • Apr 26 , 2013

I was living in New York City when I first got Mario. When my husband and I moved to San Francisco six years ago, Mario had to come along, too. We took two weeks driving across the country. Half the car seemed to be filled with things that Mario needed for the journey.

The Daily Fetch

My life with a house bunny

by Sandra, guest contributor, Mario's biped • Apr 09 , 2013

When I was a child my animal-loving heart was never allowed to have a dog. My parents got me a rabbit for my ninth birthday as a compromise to the “you want to have a dog but we want you to have fish” conflict. I wanted something furry to play with and my parents wanted a lower maintenance pet. I …

Not many people know this, but the Ravens can thank a rabbit named Bunbun for their Superbowl win. You’re probably wondering how a Mini Rex rabbit is directly responsible for this win. In order for this miracle to make sense, I need to tell you about my first encounter with my girlfriend Kelly’s family. I was invited to their house in Abingdon, …

Hop to adopt and help us celebrate Adopt-A-Rescued-Rabbit Month! Ever wonder what is involved in caring for a rabbit? Whether to adopt one bun or two? Or just what DOES your bunny’s behavior mean?? Well, join us and Ask the Expert as we host a very special Rabbit Adoption and Care live Q&A! On Thursday, February 28th, form 12:00- 1:00 …

Peggy Hanson and her husband, who live in Seattle, had four bunnies that got along with each other very well. A co-worker also had a rabbit, but didn’t have time to play with her, so she asked if Peggy would take her in. What’s one more? Peggy thought, so she agreed to add Snowy to her colony, or warren (in …

March is Adopt-A-Rescued-Guinea Pig Month. To celebrate, we’re holding a live Q&A about small mammal adoption and care on our Facebook page Wednesday, March 28, from 12-2 p.m. ET! Lisa Hutcheon, director of Canada’s Small Animal Rescue Society of BC, is joining us to answer your questions. Photo: Small Animal Rescue Society of BC in Burnaby, British Columbia How to …