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Esther the Wonder Pig!

by Kirstyn Northrop Cobb, guest contributor, Pit Bull Parent • Feb 07 , 2014

If you haven’t seen Esther the Wonder Pig on Facebook yet, you have to check her out. You will fall in love. A warm and fuzzy feeling will overwhelm you and you will soon find yourself wondering what Esther is up to throughout your day and showing pictures of her to your friends and family. So, when I had the …

Gilly, a 12-year-old male, is up for adoption at Pig Placement Network If there’s one thing that makes everyone say “awww,” it’s a piglet. However, we all know that piglets don’t stay tiny for long! For the less-than-educated pet parent who mistakenly adopts a piglet believing s/he will stay small, or for those who’ve had changes in lifestyle or location, …