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Chloe’s digging habits and body shape lead me to think that she may have some hound blood, perhaps Beagle. Her head looks more like a herding dog — maybe an Australian Shepherd or Border Collie? But that doesn’t account for her large curled and fluffy tail, which looks like it could belong to a dog in the Spitz family.

So several weeks after sending Chewy’s cheek swab to the makers of the Canine Heritage Breed Test, the mailman brought me a lovely certificate with a photo of Chewy’s equally lovely face printed right on it. And while 50% of the results were somewhat expected the other 50% were quite surprising!

My rescue dog Chewy has submitted his dog DNA for testing! Can you guess his breed?

It’s official: We’re kicking off our new What’s That Mutt? feature today! Can you guess what breeds mutt Haley’s DNA will reveal?

I want to thank everyone for their comments and guesses as to the breed of my dog, Alan. Many of you were on the right track: According the the Canine Heritage breed identification, there were no clear primary breeds (neither parent was a purebred) but they did identify Greyhound as a secondary breed. Now here’s a head scratcher — the …

I previously posted about my dog Alan, whom I adopted almost a year ago. As he has acclimated to family life, one thing has become clear: He’s a real character, with a personality as unique as his good looks. Whenever someone meets him, the conversation inevitably turns to speculation about what breeds he is a mix of. I have postulated …