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This week’s video, from the Shelter Pet Project and Patrick McDonnell, creator of the comic strip Mutts, makes the case for adopting a senior dog. Image: Patrick McDonnell, Mutts Shelter Stories The PSA is an animated addition to McDonnell’s Shelter Stories series – adoption-themed vignettes that he features in his …

The video might be a parody of Lady Gaga’s clip for her song “Bad Romance,” but the message is in support of a perfectly good romance – the kind you’ll have when you fall in love with an adoptable cat (several of which are shown here, waiting for their forever homes at the San Francisco SPCA).

Last week we kicked off our new Best Pet Adoption Videos feature highlighting some extra-special videos all about pet adoption. (See last week’s video, Adoption Entrance Dance.)

Today we’re kicking off a new feature: Best Pet Adoption Videos. Each week for the next month we’ll be highlighting a pet adoption video that pulls at our heartstrings, entertains and enlightens, or is just plain fun — but all of which promote pet adoption in their own unique way. …

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