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5 Pet Safety Tips to Always Remember



1. Keep Pet Food Bags Away From Dogs and Cats

While your pet is probably excited to have what’s inside his bag of food, make sure you keep the opened bag in a place your pet can’t access, and dispose of it immediately once it’s empty. Doing so will help ensure your pet doesn’t venture inside for a crumb, or even to play, risking suffocation. Also make sure bags of chips, cereal, etc. are out of reach, as they pose the same, devastating risk.

2. Take a Peek at Your Plants

Many dogs and cats like to eat grass or chew on plants. However some plants can cause vomiting, diarrhea or even death. Before you let your pet chomp down on those leafy greens, check out this guide to toxic and non-toxic plants.

3. Use Pet-Friendly Products When it’s Time to Clean

If the bottles in your home don’t say they’re pet safe, it’s best to keep these products where your dog or cat can’t reach them. If your pet does ingest a household cleaner, the Chicago Veterinary Medical Association recommends you “do not call a human poison control center; they do not have any information on pets. Instead, contact your veterinarian and/or the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center Hotline (888-426-4435) for accurate information.”

4. Save the Sticks

If you have a dog, try to keep sticks away from him. They can cause choking and severe injuries in dogs’ mouths and throats. So, if your dog likes to chew and chase, pack a dog-friendly toy instead.

5. Steer Clean of String

If ingested, string, thread, ribbon, yarn, etc. can cause life-threatening intestinal issues in cats. Learn more about string and cats, then check out these safer ways to play with your cat.

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