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Happy Tail: For this cat-loving couple, two is better than one


image1When Mathé and Jordan visited the PS9 Pet Store hosting cats from New York Animal Care and Control last December, they knew they wanted a cat, but two? They didn’t see that coming. To their own surprise, the couple left with two young kittens, and now they can’t imagine it any other way.

Two pets may sound like double the work, but the couple is grateful to have both Frank and Meryl (named after characters from Jordan’s favorite video game “Metal Gear”) at home with them in Brooklyn. “Two is definitely better than one,” said Jordan. “They’re best friends. They do everything together.”

When the duo isn’t off playing, the couple finds opportunities for quality one-on-one time. For Frank, the laser pointer isn’t just for entertainment — it’s become a source of exercise. “Frank used to be a really bad leaper… Meryl is much more athletic. We had to get [Frank] right up to speed with her so the laser was kind of like his boot camp,” Mathé explained. But she also appreciates their quieter moments together. “I could sit and pet them for hours. It’s really stress relieving.”

image2One reason the couple was drawn to cats in the first place is how low maintenance and independent they are. They occupy themselves most of the day, but let Mathé and Jordan know when they want attention and affection. Jordan recalls when Frank was sick, Meryl meowed a lot because she was lonely. “She just wanted to love. It’s nice to give that to another animal.”

Their word of advice for new cat parents? Invest in a premium litter box. “You can never have a litterbox that’s too nice,” Jordan said. “There’s no litter situation that is too clean.”

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