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Happy Tail: Two’s Company


“It was the best day of my life,” Sarah says about the day she and Gary adopted two kittens. They had gone to a KiddyKind adoption event to adopt one, but because kittens are so in need of companionship, the rescue group rarely places single kittens. Two adapt to their new home more readily and avoid loneliness, and while one kitten requires almost constant entertainment to ward off boredom, two kittens entertain each other. Sarah and Gary were convinced.

Animal enjoys time with Gary and Sara.

Animal enjoys time with Gary and Sarah.

Buying a pet had never been on the table. “There are so many cats up for adoption,” Sarah says, “purchasing one never crossed our minds.” Sarah had originally suggested getting a dog, but Gary had never had a dog or a cat, only small pets-a frog, gerbils and a bird-and he felt more comfortable getting a cat-in this case, two kittens.

The two they chose were litter mates. “They were hanging out together,” Sarah says. “We held Animal first and loved him, and Violet was beautiful and looked different than all the rest.”

Once home, the couple was delighted that the kittens trained themselves to use the litter box. But there was a period of adjustment because both kittens were skittish, and Violet was so scared she wouldn’t eat.

“I was getting up at 5 or 6 in the morning to feed her with a syringe,” Sarah says. Time took care of that problem, and the kittens soon learned to trust Sarah and Gary. In a show of trust, Animal began sitting on Gary’s head and kneading it, “which was amazing,” he says. “It felt like a great time to bond.”

The kittens have been with the couple since 2008, and they cannot imagine life without them. “Animal head butts me every time he goes to bed,” Gary says, “which I think is a sign of affection.” Bedtime, in fact, has turned into a special time. “Animal jumps on me and purrs for like 20 minutes, then falls right to sleep between us. In the morning, he’s still asleep on me, which makes me just want to stay in bed.”

Sarah adds, “When Animal is chilling and really comfortable, he’ll let us rub up and down his belly.”
She reflects that after about a month she was really glad that the adoption group had insisted they adopt two. “They keep each other company when we’re not there.”

Coming home, though, is extra fun when you know two cats will be waiting to greet you.

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